Ciate London: Glitter Flip

Ciate London Glitter Flip.png

Ciate London released their new Liquid Lipstick Glitter Flips today, 8.15! They are available at Sephora & on Ciate's website for $19 each and come in 7 beautiful shades! The shades are Infamous, Siren, Iconic, Fortune, Forbidden, Hollywood, & Candy.

Ciate London Glitter Flip Swatches

These new lippies are unlike any other you've tried – according to Ciate, these are a #WORLDFIRST innovation! Is this actually the first to market?? What makes these so unique? Well, these metallic liquid lipsticks have an extreme glitter finish – they'll transform any lipstick layered beneath them into a dazzling, sparkly, multidimensional glittery pout! But the glitter isn't gritty or chunky (surprising, right??). These are comfortable on the lips and much longer wearing than your average lip topper. All you need to do is apply an even coat all over your lips and give it about 2 minutes to fully dry & set down. THIS IS WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS - press your lips together and be amazed! The shade transforms into stunning, full coverage glitter lip!

See, we told you this was pretty innovative & definitely a first for the makeup market! These are clearly not your everyday-wear type of lip products, but they'll be SOOO perfect for halloween, special effects makeup or makeup artists in general. I bet you could even wear these on the eyes for a crazy pop of sparkle there, too! Are these up your alley? Or are they a pass for you? Let us know!


Ciate London Glitter Flip



Monday’s can totally suck but NOT THIS ONE! Why?? CAUSE WE HAVE A NEW VIDEO! Yay! I tested out a bunch of things from TimeToSpa! This video actually covers a two week span – I gave a first impression & then a final impression, all in one, just for YOU! I had never tried anything like these before so I KNEW I had to do it all on camera to share with the FOMOfam! Have you guys tried these before or anything similar?! If so, you should totally share, you might be helping someone else out, too! If anything in the video catches your eye, you should totally give it a go – but you knowwww we are going to help you save some cash – get 20% off your first order with code MAKEUP20! If you are diggin the vids, we would be so excited if you subscribed to the channel – we’d appreciate it so much!


Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection


Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 4.png

Pretty sure this hasn’t been done ever before soooooo pretty sure this is SO DANG EXCITING! Setting the stage for the next level in collaboration is Dose of Colors – they launched a double collab today, 8.14 with Desi Perkins and Katy (aka @luxtrelux). The collab consists of two Liquid Matte Lipsticks in shades Savage & Hot Fire ($18), two Creamy Lipsticks in shades No Shade & More Creamer Please ($16) & one Lip Gloss called Over the Top ($15). It also included two Highlighters in Fuego Mirame ($28) and finally one Eyeshadow palette called The Girls ($28). If you’re nuts for these girls or DOC in general, you can purchase the ENTIRE collab in a bundle for $167 (which doesn’t actually save you any money at all? which seems silly but I suppose it saves you like, 8 clicks of the mouse by adding only one item to your cart instead of each individual product? First world problem solutions right??)

Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection.png

Are you freaking out over these swatches?? We know you must be. These are from The Girls eyeshadow palette! The palette includes the shades Suz (a bright champagne shade in a super creamy texture that is formulated to be used wet), Harpoon (a metallic cool green with gold & green reflects that is also formulated to be used wet), Turbofan (a super shimmery duo-chrome deep purple shade) & Noli (a creamy bronze infused with gold reflects). Many of you may think that “wetting” a shade means using a setting spray or Fix + but you don’t need to be that extra! Even DOC simply suggests using one small drop of water on your finger with Suz and Harpoon – that’s all you’ll need!

Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 2

We know you already know & love the DOC lippie formula & packaging so we don’t even need to go into detail here, right?! What we can go on and on and on and on about are the shades in this collection! Savage is your perfect vampy fall shade – it’s deep and kind of brown but kind of purple and every kind of beautiful. Hot Fire is the super trendy orangey red that we are all kind of obsessed with right now. The lipsticks in No Shade More Creamer Please are my personal cup of tea though – they’re soft & nude & not matte & gorgeous! And Over The Top is the perfect sheer nude gloss that will compliment any of the other shades mentioned here (or like, any shade, ever).

As of this post, some of the collection is sold out but there are still some items left you can snatch up! You better get them while they’re HOT!


Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 3

elf: New Shimmer Highlighting Powders & Beautifully Precise Tapered Highlighting Brush

elf New Shimmer Highlighting Powders Topaz Glow & Pearl Glow.png

Sometimes we don’t get any lead time on new releases, we just get totally surprised! And, honestly, we sometimes LOVE that! elf Cosmetics is the leader in unannounced launches – we have come to accept & kind of admire that! But today, we were THRILLED to see that they released two new shades of their Shimmer Highlighting Powders! The new shades are Topaz Glow & Pearl Glow which each retail for just $6! What a freaking STEAL! They also dropped their Beautifully Precise Tapered Highlighting Brush to go along with the new powders! This one retails for $8.


Topaz Glow is a warm, coppery peach tone while Pearl Glow is that literally PERFECT pinky, frosty champagne tone that flatters everyone! The microfine shimmer particles on these blur texture that most highlighters actually draw attention to in order to create the perfect, soft-focus effect (plus the lovely NEW Tapered Highlighting Brush is sure to apply these lightly – yet effectively – in just the right areas of your cheekbones for that flawless finish and poppin’ glow. The shape & density are ideal for highlight application). These come in that super sleek packaging that we know & LOVE elf for – they even have mirrors in the lid! Our fav little perk! This line also includes 3 existing shades in various tones of bronze that are also freaking stunning! No matter which one you choose, you’re seriously sure to make a perfect choice.


Sephora X Moschino Collection

Sephora X Moschino Collection.png

No, you’re not having deja vu – Sephora is releasing their collab with Moschino on Friday, 8.18! The collection was supposed to be released on 8.11, but it has since been delayed for another week! BUMMER. The collection comes with the Bear Eyeshadow Palette  (which includes 21 different shades and finishes) for $48, the Bear Lipgloss Chain with 6 glosses for $32, the Bear Highlighter for $22, the 5-piece Bear Brush Set for $54, the Shopping Bag mini palette for $18, the Bear Eye Mask for $20 & the Bear Compact Mirror for $26 as well as a perfume.

Sephora X Moschino Collection Bear Eyeshadow Palette

Obviously, this collection is more about the packing than the products inside & I think the prices truly reflect that – this is expensive stuff! Since the initial announcement, many prices have changed (most of the WENT UP since then), making this even pricier than many of us may have expected. Though these types of collections aren’t up my alley per say, I can definitely see these being a true collectors dream! Especially if you love Machino or just bears in general.

Most of the packaging, though freaking ADORABLE, is quite bulky & slightly impractical (like that huge bear eyeshadow palette?). But I am kind of into these brushes! Like I said, totally bulky and impractical (like, those are NOT going to fit into my current brush holder, especially not with all of my other brushes in it), but they are so cute! I love the idea of this. I guess it’s a nice change from all of the unicorn brush handles we’ve been seeing lately, huh??

Moschino X Sephora

If you’re interested in the ENTIRE collection, it’s going to run you about $220 (not including the perfume). We aren’t sure as to the reason for the delay – some are saying it’s the classic marketing tactic of trying to build up the hype by making it seem extra hard to get, other have said it’s because Sephora employees have a 50% discount on Sephora collection items and have already bought it out (I really doubt this one), and more still have said that it was just false advertising. In any case, it seems customers are pretty peeved about the delay but will that change whether you make the purchase or not?! Give us your feedback, we’d love to hear!


Sephora X Moschino Collection 2

Wet n Wild: Midnight Mermaid Collection

Wet n Wild Mermaid Collection.png

LIMITED EDITION ALERT! Wet n Wild is releasing their new Midnight Mermaid Collection on Sunday 8.13! We almost thought the mermaid trend had run it’d course but it’s back & we are NOT mad at it. The Collection consist of: 3 Mega Liner Metallic Liquid Eyeliners ($3.99), 4 Color Icon Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows ($4.99) 4 Mega Last Metallic Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks ($4.99) & a Mega Glo Highlighting Bar ($6.99). Woooooooh, that’s alot. Let’s get into this.

The new collection will be available at @beautycon LA TOMORROW (8.12, booth 548) – who’s going?! We need to know, you are SOOOO lucky! You’ll be able to purchase the entire collection at a discounted price of $29.99 (like I said, luckyyyy). On Sunday, EVERYONE will have a chance to get their hands on it! it will launch at @ultabeauty on August 13th & then on @wetnwildbeauty website on August 14th (the bundle will be available here for $34.99) And, of course, what we all really want – to get it in person! We can pick it up at our local Ultas beginning on September 1st!

Wet n Wild Mermaid Collection swatches

We’ve got to say, we are probably most excited about the NEW Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks! I have quite a few of these and LOVE.THEM.ALL! The formula & pigmentation cannot be beat – and now we get them in metallic shades! The purple is catching my eye! Have we seen many metallic eye liner launches?? I don’t think so – I am SO excited to try these! They would be especially perfect for musical festival looks! However, in second place for most exciting member of this collection has got to be the Mega Glo Highlighting Bar. Yes, I do already have basically ALL of Wet N Wild’s highlighters and, yes, I do have wayyyyyyy too many other highlighters to even count but YES, I do still need this one. It is a PERFECT yellow gold sheen with some serious shimmaaaaa. Plus, the fact that it comes in the long packaging in a bar shape kind of just makes it way more exciting, am I right?! Don’t forget, this is limited edition so you’ll have to try to get your hands on it ASAP if you have your eye on something! If you purchase on Ulta, don’t forget you can use the $3.50 off of a $15 purchase coupon for these! Get you some.


Wet n Wild Mermaid Collection swatches 2.png

Kat Von D: Everlasting Glimmer Veil

Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil 2

I believe these colors just about speak for themselves sooooooo not even sure if this post needs to continue but…. I will go on because these are THAT stunning. Kat Von D is releasing 9 new shades of her Everlasting Glimmer Veil liquid lipsticks on Tuesday, 8.22! The shades include Wizard, Reverb, Satellite, Televator, Razzzle, Shockful, Dazzle, Rocker, Thunderstruck. They will retail for $22 each.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.52.50 PM

How crazy are these shades?! We bet you weren’t thinking “liquid lipstick” when you first clicked into this post and saw that picture, am I right?! ME EITHER! But, alas, these are lippies! And, hey, we are NOT ever gonna get down on bold, out-there shades! While these are far from your average, wearable lip colors, they are nevertheless incredibly stunning! And to make these even MORE appealing, picture this: a winged liner.with one of these shades. THAT’S RIGHT! You can totally use them on the eyes, too! From a shadow base shade to a bold, fun liner, these are SO multipurpose! If none of these speak to you from the lippie end of you makeup-loving heart, we know the winged-liner ventricle will be SCREAMING for them! (Kind of like how that turquoise blue is doing to me right now).

Would you actually wear any of these on your actual lips!? Please tell  us, we have GOT to know!