Storybook: The Quill & Ink Eyeliner

Storybook Cosmetics The Quill & Ink Eyeliner


Just when we think they couldn’t possibly come up with something more creative or adorable or irresistible (okay, we didn’t reallyyyyy think that), they out do themselves AGAIN! We’re talking about Storybook Cosmetics & they’re releasing their beautiful new The Quill & Ink Eyeliner on Monday, 8.14 at 12pm CT. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info available yet, but we know one thing: this is freaking insane. What an incredibly clever idea!! Storybook has really found their niche in the makeup game – they’ve totally run with their theme & have truly found a way to stand out among the hundreds of indie (and mainstream) makeup brands! They’ve seriously made a name for themselves & this is a perfect testament to that!

It looks as though the quill is made of metal (not plastic) but it’s hard to tell. The pot of liner is so intricately designed, down to the smallest details. We just LOVE that! We also aren’t sure how/if they are selling the liner refills, either, yet. But once we know more, so will you! The only bone we sort of have to pick is the price tag – $39. Like, what?? For a gel eyeliner?! We totally get it, you have to pay for all of that packaging but nevertheless, that is incredibly steep. Is it that adorable?? I’m not sure…. Keep in mind, if you do end up purchasing on Monday that you will need to allow 2 weeks for items to begin to ship due to the high demand they anticipate. Another possibly con? Maybe. If it does’t even begin to ship for two weeks, you may not even see the product in hand for almost a month. But something this special might be worth the wait! Do you think so? Let us know!


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Lorac: POREfection Complexion Pens & PRO Lip Color

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens 3

These swatches are so seriously satisfying – they’ve got us so excited for the Lorac Cosmetics NEW POREFection Complexion Pens & PRO Lip Color shades dropping on Thursday, 8.10 @ 9 am on Lorac’s website! Both products comes in super convenient, thin pen-style packaging, making for extra sleek, travel/purse friendly products that I thiiiiiiink we are going to LoVe!

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens 2

We are so THRILLED when brands expand existing lines & these babies are the newest addition to the POREfection family! The POREfection Complexion Pens come in 12 creamy shades, ranging from incredible fair to very deep. The product was created with a precision tip for flawless, smooth application that will glide on effortlessly without dragging, pulling or disrupting the makeup beneath it. Plus, they’re delightfully skin-loving by containing no mineral oils, no parabens, and no fragrances. These just look so buttery, we cannot wait to feel them in person!

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens

What is more exciting than completion products?? Cheese fries! Oh wait, I meant lippies! We LOVE trying new formulas & shades! The PRO Lip Color lipsticks will launch in 10 NEW shades! These have a satin finish (our definitive, totally, definitely favorite lip finish). The shades range from medium nude shades to deeper browns and even a few more vampy berry tones! And, just like the concealers, they were created in a form perfect for application – the slight point of these allows you to line & define and then fill, all with one product! YES! We love when we can trim down the number of products we use bit still achieve an incredible, flawless look! We kind of wish there was a slightly lighter pink or nude here to suit those that prefer slightly more muted lip shades, but… in reality… do we need more light pinks and nudes?? Admittedly, no. We should probably thank Lorac for taking that option away – savings us from ourselves. Thanks, LORAC! 


Sigma Beauty: Wildflower Collection

Sigma Beauty Wildflower Collection

OMG, there is nothing like an adorable, floral, purpley promotional graphic like this one to suck me in! Isn’t this giving you Vera Bradley vibes?? With the multi-colored floral pattern?? Anyway, not the point. The point is: Sigma Beauty launched their new Wildflower Collection today, 8.08! The collection consists of an Eye & Cheek Palette ($36) and two new Lipsticks in shades Blooming Lipstick Dahlia ($14). Is it just us, or does it feel like it’s been a hot moment since Sigma dropped new makeup goodies?! We’ve seen lots of brush launches recently but we are SO EXCITED to see makeup this time around!

Sigma Beauty Wildflower Collection Eye and cheek palette.png


The Wildflower Eye & Cheek Palette includes the shades 10 (a cool taupe shimmer), Austere (an opaque, milky matte peach), Apricot Flower (a pastel matte tangerine), & Elderberry (a deep smokey matte purple), and cheek shades in Peaceful (a more sheer, pearly pinky highlight shade) & Peony (a deep matte rose). 

The combo in this palette is truly lovely. It is very very simple and soft but that lends itself perfectly to everyday use. I already knowwww my matte ladies are going to LOVE that only 2 of the 6 shades here contain shimmer! Those two shades are going to be perfect for the lid AND cheek highlight, while the rest are going to be incredible  blended into the crease! The formula is made to be buildable while maintaining the velvety, blendable texture. You can go from simple and soft to bold and smokey with this one palette! And don’t forget  – you can totally use the “cheek” shades on your eyes, too!

Sigma Beauty Wildflower Collection 2

These new lippies are getting us SO FALL READY! Dahlia is a deep, cool raspberry matte shade in Sigma’s standard super comfy, super long-wearing formula. You can already tell this is going to pack a big punch with crazy pigmentation but the secret? It’s moisturizing, too! Barely Blooming is going to pack that high pigmentation & moisture too, but in a more subtle, peachy hue. These are those nudes that are suitable ALL year long! You know me, I can never have enough nudes. Can you??

If you’re looking to see these in action, we have got you covered! Check out the videos below to see how these perform & apply!



Honest Review: Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation & LoveMelisaMichelle X Ulta Palette


Yay yayyyyy! NEW VIDEO ALERT! We have a review for you this time! I was SOOOOOO excited about both of these items but, as you’ll see if the video, one ended up being super lame & a definite disappointment after a few uses. But I just HAD to let you know what I thought of these! Just in case you were considering trying either of these out. If you already have, we would LOVE to know your thoughts! And if you enjoy the video, please also let us know – your feedback is so helpful! We’d also totally love if you subscribed to our channel so we can share all of our future videos with you, too! Thank you so so much for watching!

elf: MadForMatte Holy Smokes Palette

elf MadForMatte Holy Smokes Palette.png

We cannot keep calm rn because e.l.f. Cosmetics is releasing a new Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Holy Smokes TOMORROW, Tuesday, 8.08! This is the third installment in the Mad For Matte collection & just like her sisters,  the palette will retail $10. If you have either of the previous releases (the initial Mad for Matte and the sequel, Mad for Matte 2), then you know exactly why we are freaking out. These are the quintessential matte palettes from the drugstore. If you didn’t know, now you know.

elf MadForMatte Holy Smokes Palette Swatches

This, per it’s namesake, is clearly the deeper, more smokier sibling. The first Mad for Matte palette was mostly lighter and neutral while the second had a few pops of color & improved variety. This one is another level, though. The deep browns and teals/blues are seriously STUNNING! Do you see that super light grayish silver?! And a deep matte black is like, a true blessing. This is indeed a unique assortment of shades, too, am I right?! Having tried this formula numerous times, I can honestly say that it is just as pigmented and creamy as it looks! I mean, those swatches, though! The packaging is just also just PERFECT! It’s suuuuuuuuper compact (like you could fit it in the back pocket of your jeans), but has a huge, quality mirror. If that doesn’t scream TAKE ME WITH YOU FOR TRAVEL, I’m not sure what does. Plus, 10 incredible matte shades for $10?! We should be used to e.l.f.’s incredible value by now, but we’ll never cease to be shocked by the bang for our buck. And we know SO MANY of you are matte shadow lovers so you kind of need this in your world. I’ll be first in line to grab this tomorrow, are you coming with?!


elf MadForMatte Holy Smokes Palette 2.png

Kat Von D: Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette & Brush

Kat Von D Shade Light Creme Contour Palette.png

More shade & light, what whatttt?! KVD has been churning out various version of her original cult classic – this one has a slightly more creamy twist, though. Kat Von D is releasing the crème version of their Shade + Light Contour Palette along with a new contour brush on Tuesday, 8.08 on Sephora & KVD’s website! This version comes with more neutral, warm, and cool shades. These pans are also refillable. We’re thinking it’ll retail for $49 just like its powder sister.

Kat Von D Shade Light Creme Contour Brush

We know cream contouring & highlighting is not everyone’s cup of tea but how visually satisfying is this palette?! With those super smooth, perfectly pigmented shades?! Ugh, we just want to dip our brush in & get to blending! The formula in these is high in pigmentation while remaining smooth & bendable. It’s not greasy feeling, so it won’t slip & slide all over the skin but is buttery enough to melt effortless into the skin. Plus, it’s made to be suuuuuuuper long wearing, so it’ll stick around all day without fading or smudging. And can we talk about the #5 Edge Crème Contour Brush?! It looks so beautifully dense and perfectly shaped! It’s actually tapered & slightly sculpted for allow for precise application and efficient blending! However, the price tag of $32 is definitely crazy steep – it’s only slightly less than the palette itself, geeeeez. But hey, if it works, it works! Do you guys like cream contour or are you strictly powder pretties?! Let us know!


Kat Von D Shade Light Creme Contour Palette 2