Urban Decay: Naked Skin Glow Cushion Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion Foundation 2.png

This holo packaging has got us SHOOK! We are totally hypnotized by Urban Decay‘s NEWEST launch – their Naked Skin Glow Cushion Foundation – dropping on Thursday, 9.14! But hold up – it comes in only six different shades… meh. We do not get excited over that. It’s a big old red flag that we are all going to be standing around the display in Sephora trying to figure out which shade is right and, when it turns out none, end up having to purchase 2 so that we can mix. But hey, this is only the initial launch! It’s very likely that if it performs well on market, they will develop and release additional shades! The formula is said to have buildable (yet weightless) coverage. In other words, we are thinking its probably light to medium coverage on it’s own but can be layered for added pigmentation which is PERF! At least for me. I love having versatility to layer (or not) my foundation to my ideal level of coverage! Keep in mind, lighter coverage is pretty typical for cushion products across the board so don’t set your sights on a ton of pigmentation. I’m getting tripped up, though, by the claim of a matte-luminous finish… What is a matte luminance?? Are those not literal opposites?? Plus, on top of that confusing description, it’s also apparently hydrating. Matte AND hydrating?! I still don’t get it. But we LOVE the sound of it! If Urban Decay can defy all laws of gravity and physics and nuerologicalastrospace such as they are describing, it’ll be LIT! Which, if it does get lit, you’re good cause the foundation also features SPF 50 (you see what I did there??).  And, like we said, this packaging is that beautiful holographic purple that we can’t take out eyes off of! It’s perfectly designed to accommodate refills so we won’t be forced to repurchase the entire product when we run out! What do you think? Are cushion foundations your jam?? If so, be ready for the launch at Sephora on the 14th! What other cushion foundations do you love??


Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion Foundation

Urban Decay: Naked Heat Collection

Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection 2

OH EM HEAT! We are dying with excitement over Urban Decay’s release of their newest addition to their oldest line – the Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette – which is available for pre-sale on Monday, 6.12! The 12 amazing shades included are Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil, Scorched, Dirty Talk, Ember, Ashes, En Fuego and Cayenne. These swatches literally say it all – the colors are a beauuutiful mix of amber, nudes & deep roses in both matte and shimmery finishes.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection Swatches

This is a warm-toned lovers DREAM palette! These times are super on-trend right now & UD killed it with packaging! We haven’t seen this much hype over a new Naked palette in what seems like forever! The shades here are a perfect combo – you have enough neutrals and browns to create a natural eye for everyday but you also have SO MUCH versatility, too, with all of the brick reds, rusty shades and deep tones. We probably don’t even need to mention the formula cause we already know you know how UD do, am I right?! Incredible, nuff said. This might be your next must-have palette, seriously. Those shimmer shades are screaming to be used wet all over the lid for a crazy pigmented POP!

This beauty will run you $54 which gets you over the hump of free shipping of $50! Included below is a video by the beautiful @KellyStrack giving her impressions of it.

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection

Urban Decay: Afterglow Palette

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.31.34 PM
GLOW MY GOSH! We’ve got more highlighters, people! And this time, it’s in palette form! Urban Decay is releasing their NEW After Glow Palette on Sunday, 6.04 exclusively at Ulta! This new palette is an extension of Urban Decay’s After Glow line which included other highlighters and blushes. This palette, first of all, has the most gorgeous packaging! It looks like rosey golden lavender water fall or something – so stunning! It includes four shades that will give you that glow before AND after 😉 The super illuminating shades include Bliss, Peroxide, NSFW and Side Piece. Both Bliss Side Piece are golden & bronzey, while NSFW is more coraly peach and Peroxide is wayyyyyy pink! We don’t have any switches yet, but once we do, we’ll show you, duh! So check back soon!


Urban Decay After Glow Palette 2

Urban Decay X Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection

Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection

It’s been a HOT minute since we’ve seen a launch this HOT from UD – the hype is so real. Urban Decay has collaborated with Jean-Michael Basquiat to create an entire collection of NEW products – and then they took the whole party to the next level by wrapping it all up in some of the coolest packaging we’ve ever seen. This limited-edition collection launches online on Thursday, 4.20 and in stores on 4.27.

Brace yourself for the thrill that lay ahead – the collection contains the following: first, we’ve got to give you the down low on the TWO eyeshadow palettes – the Tenant and Gold Griot ($39). Urban Decay took so much inspiration from Jean-Michael’s extensive body of art work, they HAD to funnel that into one of their best products, their shadows! The Tenant palette features 8 BRAND NEW, exclusive super bright shades. The Gold Griot palette is all about our favorites: neutrals! And all of these are brand new, never before seen shades, too!

The palette train does not stop there! The collection will also include the Gallery Blush Palette ($34) & features two shades of blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter. The bronzer looks to be just a bit light so it may not be the most universal, but the blushes & that highlight! Who isn’t into those?!

Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

Three NEW shades of Vice lipstick ($17) with LITERALLY the coolest packaging ever. Listen to this – each lipstick is wrapped in canvas printed with Basquiat’s art. Like what?! These are going to be incredible & totally necessary additions to ANY makeup collectors stash.

New shades are also on the way in UD’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils ($20). One is an intense, neon greenish yellow, another is a deep copper and the third is a deep, sea blue. We just LOVE pops of lower lash liner colors in the spring & summer – these are a must! And, conveniently enough, you’ll also have the choice between three gorgeous makeup bags ($18-$35) to store your haul in!

Feast your eyes on the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette here. Don’t forget – these are brand NEW neutral shades (woooooot!) inspired by the work of this groundbreaking artist.

And here we have the Tenant palette, which also toutes 8 exclusive shades!

Big thanks to @BeautyBudgetCollection  for all those awesome swatches! We can’t get enough of them!


Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection 6

Urban Decay: Vice Liquid Lipstick


Urban Decay just announced that they are releasing a Vice Liquid Lipstick. They are coming in 30 different shades which come in Comfort Matte and Metallized, and all of which are water and kiss-proof! The release date has not yet been given, but they hinted at it coming out in early 2017.

In the mean time you can check their site for any updates, but we will update this article when we get more information.