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We did a HUGE Collective Beauty Haul!

GUYS! Check out the HUGE (seriously, really really big) beauty haul we just posted on our channel! Featuring lots of products from Ulta, plus Catrice, Morphe, Colourpop, Juvia's Place & MORE! It was so so fun to film and obviously super fun to shop for, duhhhh. I would LOVE if you subscribed to the channel to stay tuned for our upcoming posts (we have some really cool ones up our sleeve) & support the MakeupFOMO fam! Let us know what you think of the video or if you've tried any of these products out – we loving hearing from you!

Becca: Lush Lip Balm & Colour

Becca Cosmetics Lush Lip Balm and Colour

SURPRISE! Becca Cosmetics launched their 2-in-1 Lush Lip Colour Balm ($22) today, 7.18 exclusively @ Ulta! It comes in eight shades, Chai Creme (tawny brown), Almond Fraise (dusty rose), Milk Chocolate (mauvey brown), Cherry Ganache (flattering burgundy), Toasted Hazelnut (rich brown), Black Violet (sophisticated plum), Cafe Au Lait (peachy beige)Ginger Vanille (pink coral).

Becca Cosmetics Lush Lip Balm & Colour Swatches

This new hybrid lippie is meant to bring you everything you love about lip balms AND lipsticks into one convenient product! The formula is super duper creamy but feather-light on the lips. The colors apply with consistent pigmentation, extra smoothness & dry to a soft, satin finish. At first, these can be rather sheer (as you might expect from a tinted lip balm, which is essentially what these are) but they can be built up to be bolder & more pigmented! We love versatility like that – you can customize your coverage! The shades are super suitable for summer; even the deepest color is subtle enough to be swiped on with little worry about maintenance and upkeep throughout the day. Of course, it’ll have all the lip-loving ingredients a good balm should like jojoba oil for hydration and nourishment which we all totally need in the summer time when the sun has drained our lips of all moisture!


Becca Cosmetics Lush Lip Balm & Colour

Huda Beauty: Summer 2017 Collection

huda beauty summer 2017 collection

They’re only slightly late but hey, better late than never is what we say. Huda Beauty is launching their LIMITED EDITION Summer 2017 Collection on Tuesday. 7.18! The collection consists of a Summer Highlighter Palette in Solstice ($45) & four new Liquid Lipsticks ($20 each). The collection will be available on Huda’s website, Cult Beauty & Harrods (likely to be released @ Sephora later, definitely in stores in August).

The highlighter palette includes 3 powder highlighters (in the shades Malibu – the rose gold, champagne, Mykonos – the straight up purple & Copacabana – the soft pink) and 1 cream highlighter (in the shade Saint-Tropez – the yellowish gold). The formula is said to be just the same as their previous highlighter palettes. This is a bit of a twist on your typical strobing palette – mainly because of that purple! It is FIRE! Keep in mind, once it’s blended out, it certainly won’t appear quite this strong and intense but will totally still pull purple. In other words, it’s dope but won’t work for everyone. The other shades are much more wearable and suit all skin tones. But tell me this – have highlighter palettes sort of run their course?! Has it all be done?? Do any of us really want or even need another one?? I’m not sure I’m on board for more of these launches that we all feel like we’ve seen 100 times before.

huda beauty summer 2017 highlighter swatches

These lipsticks, though, I can get down with. There will be four new Liquid Lipstick shades in Bikini Babe, Jetsetter, Wild Child, & Mamacita. Not pictured here is the INCREDIBLE packaging these come in – like, the kind of packaging that makes you want to purchase it just for that reason alone. Bikini Babe is veryyyyyy nude but definitely leans peachy brownish. I suuuuuuper dig it. Jetsetter isn’t really anything to write home about but is super wearable. Maybe the kind of lip you’d rock to work or a date night! Wild Child didn’t appear to come off super pigmented when applied but honestly, that is perfect for a shade like this! It’s a bit more on the bold side but applying a shade like this is WAY easier when the pigmentation isn’t too intense. This is such a quintessential summer color! And lastly, Mamacita is that super trendy orangey-fiery red we all LOVE right now. It’s a no-brainer – it’s stunning. BOLD, but stunning. What do you guys think of the formula of these?! We’d love to know!


huda beauty summer 2017 collection lippie swatches

Ace Beaute: Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette

Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette

We’ve got a NEW brand for you & a new MUST HAVE palette! Ace Beaute is releasing their Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette tomorrow, Friday, 7.07! Its their first eyeshadows EVER (they featured mostly lashes up until now). The palette is currently available for pre-order (they’re going quick, though! as I write this on Thursday @ 8:43 pm EST, there are literally only 20 left) with the official release being on Friday. The palette comes with 16 blindingly stunning shades in a mix of crazy pigmented metallic & matte colors.

Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I’m not sure if I even need to finish this post… do these shades not just totally speak for themselves?! Kidding, I’ll totally still finish but I hardly know what to say – I’m like, speechless. The assortment of colors is unlike any palette we’ve seen before. The versatility is unmatched! There is a lovely assortment of mattes (I believe 7) and metallic or shimmery shades (the remaining 9) as well as such a perfect blend of warm AND cool tones (mostly warm, though). I can already think of ENDLESS looks this palette could create. The formula was created with the perfect amount of milling & pressing to allow for easy application, smooth blending & intense pigment. Plus, this definitely has some shades you might not have in your collection already like the stunner royal blue, that polished copper or that deep wine eggplant shade! We can’t stop staring. And, to add some icing on the cake, the palette is cruelty free, woooooot! But seriously, click below and get it like NOW cause there are only 16 left!


Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette Swatches 2

Vanity Planet Cue Curling Wand, Zuzu Luxe & Gabriel Cosmetics – First Impressions

GUYS! We’re on YOUTUBE! We are so excited to bring you MakeupFomo’s very first video! We got some really cool products that we just HAD to share with you and what better way than to actually try them out on camera so that you can see them in action?! The video covers most of my thoughts so watch that for sure! But here, I’ll give you a bit more insight & a few more thoughts.


This baby is the STAR of the show – I am IN LOVE with this Cue Clipless Curling Wand from Vanity Planet! I haven’t used one quite this good in like… ever. My curls last frizz-free for 4 DAYS with this thing. 4 DAYS! It’s so sleek looking so it fits right in on your vanity or bathroom counter and it’s super lightweight so your arm never gets weighed down or over-tired from holding it up! I have sooooooooo much more to rave about this want but you’ll have to see the video for that. However, I do have one more little thing for you – and by little, I mean HUGE! For a limited time, you can get 50% off with code 3JHQS14J7Q75! That makes this $50 only $25! That’s unreal for the quality this wand brings to the table. Click below to check it out and save yourself some cash!



I hadn’t tried anything out from Gabriel Cosmetics before filming this video so I had no idea what to expect! I didn’t get a chance to try the shadows in the Aura Palette in the video just because I had two others I wanted to try (see below) but I’ve since played around with them a bit and they aren’t bad! Definitely not the most creamy formula to the touch, but the color payoff is really decent and I just LOVE these shades. Doesn’t this just make you think spring and Easter?! The highlight and blush are what really make this palette SO SO worth it! I have worn the blush every day since trying it out and the highlight is seriously one of my new favorites! These are incredibly pigmented but blend so well into the skin that you don’t have to worry about over-applying. The highlight is veryyyyyyyy glowy, though, which I love but I know not everyone can get down with. The applicators suck so just throw those away, but the rest of the palette is lovely. Plus that mirror is HUGE! So so perfect for travel.

The lipstick, on the other hand, had just one downside for me – the smell. It just really smelt strongly of chemicals – you know that just super makeup-y smell?! This has that. The color is sooooooo pretty & it feels super comfortable on the lips, though, so it also has alot going for it! But if you’re sensitive to strong scents, this might walk that line for you.



These Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow Palettes in Combat & Ammunition were reallllyyyy big hits! They are so compact & just adorable, but the shades seriously pack a punch! I wish I would have swatched the shades I didn’t use on my eyed in the video on my hand or arm to give you an idea of the pigmentation – but let me tell you, it is REAL! I love how the colors coordinate in each quad and they each hold their own on the lid. Even the brush that comes with it is actually useful – rare, I know. The mirrors are way to small to really even use so they’re slightly pointless, but that doesn’t change my thoughts too much (especially considering that HUGE mirror on the Aura Palette). I definitely think these are worth checking out – especially if you’re just starting off in building your makeup collection and need some basics to get you going!


Overall, these products were definitely wins. Each had a bunch of pros and at least one or two cons, but I think they all really perform well when applied – isn’t that what we really want, after all? Feel free to click the links provided to check them out OR shoot us over any questions you may have! Also, give us feedback on the video! We know it’s our first one so there are certainly some rough edges we can continue to learn to smooth, but we had SO MUCH fun filming it – we will totally do more! Let us know what you think!


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