Tarte Cosmetics: Make Magic Happen Palette

Tarte Cosmetics Make Magic Happen Palette

Tarte Cosmetics sure has been busy getting us ready for summer! We SO appreciate it! Another day, another awesome release! This time its an addition to their Double Duty Beauty line – introducing their NEW Make Magic Happen Eyeshadow Palette releasing Thursday, 6.01 (on the same day as their Radiance Drops)!! We already know this color scheme is speaking to you, am I right?! The palette features 9 warm & cool shades & will retail for $32. The formula sounds soon dope – it’s a liquid to powder formula! What whaaaaat?! Sounds incredible! Plus, we love all of the rosey hues, peachy tones & light, shimmery shades! You clearly won’t be able to get too deep or smokey of a look from this palette, but we TOTALLY okay with that. We love this just the way it is! Don’t forget – the Double Duty Beauty line is exclusive to Ulta (isn’t like, everything these days?! We’re not mad about it though) so it won’t be available anywhere else! Who else is obsessed with these shades?!


Tarte Cosmetics Make Magic Happen Palette swatches

Tarte Cosmetics: Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask


We know everyone is falling for the new Tarte launches – if you’re one of those, hold on to your hat for the new release TODAY! Tarte Cosmetics is continuing to push further into skin care with the release of their Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask that dropped earlier today! As we previously posted, they also recently released their Radiance Drops (we’re still so excited about those) – can you tell Tarte knows what or skin is going to need this summer?! Protection & moisture, right??

The mask comes with two chambers (makes it sound so scientific or something) – one with a Purifying & Detoxing Mask & another with their Hydrating & Firming Mask. What an incredible one-two combo to make your pores happy & your skin firm and fit! The first mask is best used for deep cleaning & polishing while the second concoction is perfect to add TONS of moisture for bright, tight skin with visibly reduced pores! All with the help of Tarte’s signature Amazonian Clay! Mostly, we can’t get over the aesthetic. The lid is definitely channeling a purple crystal gemstone which will so dope sitting out on your bathroom counter or vanity! And it gets even better once you look inside – that gold is blinding! Plus the creamy pink looks so smooth and buttery!

I know I just mentioned butter but don’t worry – these are totally vegan! The whole combo will be $40 and is available NOW!



Tarte Cosmetics: Radiance Drops

Tarte Cosmetics Radiance Drops

It’s all about unicorns & mermaids & every other fantasy creature right now, am I right?! The inspo here comes as no surprise, but the product is TOTALLY unexpected & unprecedented! We are soooooo STOKED! Tarte Cosmetics is releasing a new product in their skincare line called the Radiance Drops on Thursday, 6.01! This new four-in-one illuminating serum elixir is the solution to all of your skin care/lip care problems! Kinda like magic, ehhh? The drops are formulated with Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea complex PLUS all kinds of other skin-loving stuff: Algae Marine flower extracts, Jojoba oil, Maracuja oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E to hydrate & micro-glistening pearls, too!

Check out the many ways this new hot product can be used to perk up your face’s natural glow!

  1. First & possibly the most exciting use is as a highlighting primer/moisturizer combo to give you a luminous makeup base! It comes in a dropper bottle which can simply be held up and dripped onto your checks & then massaged in to provide hydration & a glow! Woah! The formula is lightweight & not even slightly greasy, so it won’t feel heavy under your foundation. It even includes anti-aging properties (which, at any age, we can totally appreciate!)
  2. If you’re not much for a layer under your makeup, try mixing this in with your foundation! It can sheer it out of you’re looking for a lighter coverage or feel and will also add that hint of luminosity that is simply stunning in the summertime!
  3. This can also be used as a hair oil on your ends to smooth & provide a healthy shine to potentially brittle or dry strands! It’ll not only make your hair feel wayyyyyyy more soft, but will also make it appear way more alive than it might actually be (you know who you are, when was your last trim??)
  4. Here’s what might shock you: you can even use this on your lips! Whaaaaaat?! The drops totally work as a lip oil, bringing hydration & shine back to cracked or dry lips. How cool is that?!

This is literally the most versatile bottle of mermaid magic we’ve ever seen (which totally warrants the $39 price tag it carries). Is this the next crazy concoction you just HAVE to try?!


Tarte Cosmetics: Amazonian Clay Collection

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Collection

You may have noticed we kind of have a theme going here – everyyyyyy brand chose the lovely month of May to drop their #Summer2017 collections – and we’ll cover them ALL just for you! Tarte Cosmetics is releasing an extension of their existing (and immensely popular) Amazonian Clay Collection on Monday 5.21! The new line will include their Clay Play Palette ($46), Smoothie Foundation Blender Brush ($28), the Lid Lock Primer, Gifted Mascara ($23) and Amazonian Clay Foundation Sticks ($39)! Woah, right?!

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay stick swatches

The Foundation Sticks will come in 12 shades (that’s a decent selection for the initial stages of a launch) and the Foundation Brush will also be available for purchase to be used with the foundations! The shades actually cover quite a range – those fair shades look to be on the extremely tight side. And while there certainly could be a few more deep tones, the ones here do seem to appear fairly dark.

The Clay Palette is what we really have our eyes on, though – this beauty comes with 12 shades to be used literally all over the face; from contour to highlighting to bronzing to eyeshadow & even brows! Is this an all-in-one, get-it-done palette or what?!

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Collection Swatches

The Lid Lock Primer is, as you might imagine, going to prolong the wear of your shadows – this would be perfect to pair with the palette! The Gifted Mascara is brand new to Tarte & will release in limited edition packaging! We all love us limited edition ishhhh, am I right?! And, as the name might suggest, each of the products in their Amazonian Clay collection is infused with…. you guessed it.. CLAY! This stuff is super good for your skin. The clay infusion helps to alleviate any oils while still hydrating the underlying skin cells. In other words, your skin will look great and feel better and what beats that?!






Tarte: Make Believe In Yourself Collection


There are few things that can suck us in more than super cute, colorful packaging! Obviously, someone told Tarte – just LOOK at those NEW products! These are all part of their Make Believe In Yourself Collection that launches today, 3.18! This is a SUPER extensive, fairy-tale/unicorn themed collection (adorable) so let’s dive right in:


FIRST, we HAVE to talk about this new Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette ($40) – such an interesting combination of shades! Clearly, Tarte isn’t going for your everyday eye palette here. No, no. This is sooooo much more unique than that! This palette deatures beautiful shades of blue, some greens, a gorgeous purple & some variations of creams, peaches and browns. They are all so STUNNING! Those swatches say it all. But keep in mind, ALL of the shades here are shimmery so you’ll definitely need to incorporate other shadows/palette when using this to complete your eye look.


Many of you have have already tried Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara ($23) before, however they’ve repackaged it JUST for this new collection! Check out that holographic tube! Though revamped packaging might not be sending you over the moon, we know what will – this Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter ($30). Multi-colored highlighters are everything right now! We love the combination here – it fades from an iridescent lavender to a champagne pink, sparkling bronze and super shimmery cream. The best part of the layout of this product is that you can totally just use one or two of the shades if you prefer! Or, of course, you can swirl them all together for a super intense glow! LOVE!

Magic Wand Brushes get-it-now

We may have saved the best for last … I’m not sure I even need to say much about these brushes at all. They literally speak for themselves. The Magic Wand Brushes ($39) are made of unicorn horns, duh! And the brush hair colors could NOT be more perfect! That teal color is just me me meeeee! It looks to include a super small concealer brush, a slim contour brush, a rounded blush/foundation brush, a fluffy powder brush & and crease brush! These are so stunning, you might not even want to actually use them!

There are even MORE products in this collection than those we’ve mentioned so far: we’ve also got a a few shades of Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints ($20), a Glitter Eye Liner ($24) and Spellbound Sprinkle Face & Body Glitter ($15). Everything is just about as adorable & girly as they can be and we are just eating it UP! But don’t forget – MOST of these are LIMITED EDITION so you’ve totally gotta grab them like, NOW!

Tarte Cosmetics: 20% Off Entire Site


Tarte is having an INCREDIBLE Valentine’s Day sale through the weekend – 20% off everything on the site! Just in case you’re having a hard time deciding what to pick up (we know you are) here’s two great eyeshadow palettes we would recommend you check out! Make sure you use code XOXO at checkout for the discount, sale ends Sunday 2.5***

Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette


This is one of Tarte’s best sellers and we totally know why! The packaging is super cute and it comes with a wide selection of shades with great pigmentation and they blend super well, which makes it such a go-to palette. If you’re dying for a new eyeshadow palette (which let’s be real, we all are…. always) then this might be a great pick up with the 20% off!


Maneater Palette


More eyeshadow palettes! Tarte really just knows how to make an AWESOME palette! We covered this recent release, so you can check out that old post here. To summarize, this is just a great neutral palette with some more sultry, deep colors that would be PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. This tiny little palette packs a big punch and with 20%, its a steal for the value! Paulina uses it in the video below, so you can see it in action!


Tarte Cosmetics: Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick

Lots of new awesome releases from Tarte Cosmetics today, and I just had to make sure I brought this one to your attention. I’ve been pretty addicted to wearing dark lipsticks lately and OMG these Rainforest of the Sea lipsticks are just what I needed! So there is a total of 24 new shades! As you can see from the picture these shades are BEAUTIFUL so it’s going to be impossible to choose! Ugh, what a classic makeup addicts dilemma!

The swatches just look incredible, especially Daiquiri and Miami Vice, those are definitely my favorite! We also attached a video below that goes through allllll 24 shades, which is quite a piece of work but super awesome if you’re considering picking up a few and need help deciding!