Sigma Beauty: Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set

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No no, don’t worry, you’re not having deja vu – we DID literally just announce a Sigma brush launch about a week or two ago. But they’re at it again – you know how they do! Sigma Beauty is releasing a new group of their top-of-the-line brushes in their Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set! But besides the name of the collection & the very apparent BEAUTY of these babies, everything else is a bit confusing – @Sigma’s Instagram states that these are being released tomorrow, Monday 5.08, however, you know we did our due diligence & checked their website & it looks like this set is available RIGHT NOW! If you’re into these (how could you not be??), you may want to grab them now before everyone else discovers the secret that we just let you in on (you’re welcome, btw).

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This set is basically the full, glorious package – it has got you covered starting with a pointed pencil brush (totally necessary for detailed work & lower lash line shading), a few fluffy blending brushes (you can NEVER have too many of these), some short shader brushes, some fuller, more fluffy shader brushes, an angled brush for liner & a pointed brush for liner (you need options, right?). Just remember: Sigma brushes are some of the best you can get, so we aren’t too surprised with the $152 price tag. That comes down to less than $12 a brush which is TOTALLY worth it. Plus, each feature Sigma’s exclusive SigmaTech synthetic fibers & copper-plated SigmaAlloy ferrules to bring you the strongest, longest-lasting brushes. You know Sigma stands behind their quality because they offer a 2-year warranty on their brush sets – what other brand gives you that?! We’ve covered their other brush releases recently like the Titanium and the Bunny Eye Brush sets, too! Those sets may be just as gorgeous a this one, so I totally suggest you peep at those while you’re perusing!


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Sigma Beauty: Titanium Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Titanium Brush Set

One word comes to mind when first glancing at these brushes: SLEEK. Sigma has some of the best looking brushes around, but this release takes things to a whooooooole other level! The Titanium Brush Set launched TODAY on Sigmawebsite for $189- we didn’t even see it coming! Nothing like a killer new launch to make your Monday a little less Mondayish, am i right?! This incredible set features just about every brush you could possibly need: from foundation to eyes to brows, this collection has got you soooo covered. There are 12 brushes total: the E05 Eye Liner brush, E30 Pencil brush, E40 Tapered Blending brush, E55 Eye Shading brush, E60 Large Shader brush, E65 Small Angle brush, E70 Medium Angled Shading brush, F30 Large Powder brush, F40 Large Angled Contour brush, F50 Duo Fibre brush, F60 Foundation brush & F70 Concealer brush.

Like i said, EVERYTHING. And Sigma didn’t just make this set super all-inclusive & super sexy – it’s also pretty much the highest quality brush set they’ve launched yet! This is some primo stuff! Each & every brush is created with double-threaded engineering…. huh?? Basically, their innovative screwing system super securely attached the brush handle to the ferrule (unlike your average brush that’s simply glued together… we all know how reliable those are which is not at all). This means that these brushes are the strongest, most durable brushes money can buy! They’ve even backed them with a 5-year warranty – that’s how sure they are that these are solid. And don’t even let the price tag worry you – you’re paying about $15 per brush which is a STEAL for a brush set of this magnitude. And it’s Sigma – ’nuff said.


Sigma Beauty Titanium Brush Set 2

Sigma: Bunny Eye Brushes 

Sigma: Bunny Eye Brushes
This blue though… we can’t get enough! These gorgeous Bunny Brushes from Sigma will launch on Monday, 3.13! And they’re LIMITED EDITION! So you’ll have to snag them right away! These are made with synthetic Sigmax fibers so they’ll be perfect for blending out your shadows & super easy to clean! However, we can’t help but think – don’t these look frighteningly similar to the Mrs. Bunny Brushes from two years ago?! Check out the photo below.

Aren’t they nearly identical?? It seems as though Sigma is just relaunching these and removing the “Mrs.”?  We’re going to assume the new collection is certainly updated & better quality – it has been two years after all. Either way, we’re stoked! The color is just incredible and Sigma brushes are some of the best out there. Have you tried any?! Let us know!


Sigma: 3D HD Blender

Sigma: 3D HD Blender

Please tell me I’m not the only one that is beauty sponge crazy… please? Sooooooo many brands have released beauty-blender type products within the last year or so and i CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP! We posted about these new Sigma 3D HD Blenders about two months ago when we got word that our FAV brush brand was releasing a sponge – but now THEY’RE HERE! These cuties launched TODAY! These are truly innovative – which is saying something, considering how flooded the makeup-sponge market is. Not only do these look awesome for foundation & cream products, but I can image they would be PERFECT for baking! Those super sharp edges are made for that!


As I’m sure you know, these are intended to be used damp. The curved edge is for blending in your cream products, like foundation & concealer. The triangular base of the sponge is the perfect shape & size for baking under the eyes! Plus, those sharp edges would be ideal for sharpening up your contour. The possibilities with this sponge are ENDLESS! However, with a $15 price tag, it’s certainly not the most affordable member of the beauty sponge squad. In fact, that’s only a few dollars shy of the infamous Beauty Blender, the OG! YouTube has had some mixed reviews on the shape and performance – most come to love it, but there is clearly a learning curve that comes with such a uniquely shaped product. Check out the reviews below for yourself! And let me know – do you prefer sponges or brushes for your foundation & powder?!


Sigma: Gloss Up Lip Vex Sets

Glossy lips are BACK & Sigma Beauty is showing us how it’s done. They’re launching their NEW Lip Vex Sets tomorrow, 1.23! The shades looking STUNNING – they have soft, pastel shades AND bright, vivid colors, too! We’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, the formula is intended to be super long-wearing yet smooth & creamy. What a combo! The sets will sell for $28 for 5 shades – that’s less than $6 per gloss! Do these not just have spring written ALL OVER them?! We love that some shades look super shimmery & others are more creamy. Either way, we love to #GlossUp & can’t WAIT to see what these can do!

Update: They are here! Use code IGFREELIP for a free brush with your purchase!


These two BEAUTIFUL Gloss Up sets are called Dazzle and Glaze