First Aid Beauty: Triple Protection Skin Tint

First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint.png

This might be our first time featuring this brand on Makeup FOMO and we are SO excited for it – First Aid Beauty launched their new Hello FAB Triple Protection Skin Tint ($34) a few days ago on Sephora’s website, but we still wanted to take the time to post about it! Especially because it drops in Sephora stores (it’s a Sephora exclusive if you couldn’t tell) on 8.25! You know me, I ALWAYS have to comment on the packaging – and this one is like, wayyyyy too CUTE! It looks like a little fabric paint bottle or something, right?? Plus, the blue, pink & silver are so eye-catching, I can’t get enough!

First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint Swatches

Since it’s basically a tinted moisturizer, it’s not going to have any kind of crazy coverage but it’s said to be good for any skin type & has a super lightweight feel. Plus, FAB made sure it’s application is going to feel incredible with it’s astaxanthin, vitamin C & Goji Berry infusion which is super great for your skin! It even boasts a SPF 30 to keep your skin protected from sun, pollution & environmental aggressors! How summer perfect is this?!  The only bummer is that it only comes in four shades – LAME! We are so disappointed when high end brands launch a new line with such limited selection but we hope this is just the beginning! Often times new shades will launch as time goes on & the brand tests how well the initial launch performed. This little guy is also paragon-free, sulfate-free, noncomedogenic and vegan! Who isn’t going to love this for those natural-makeup summer nights?!


First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint Swatches 2

Beauty Creations: Sweets Collection

Beauty Creations Sweets Collection

My ladies with a sweet tooth better prepare themselves – Beauty Creations is launching their candy-scented Sweets Collection on Thursday, 7.20!

Did you catch that?! Everything smells like candy. Yes. Okay. Good.

Beauty Creations Sweets Collection 3

The Baked Pops highlighter palette is, obviously, all baked shades so they’re a bit marbleized & hella glowy! The packaging is totally giving me flashbacks of Candy Land – remember that game you definitely played when you were little?! I swear the packaging is basically the game board. SO CUTE! There is a super golden shade, a more rose gold shade, a deeper rosey, reddish shade & a pinkish bronze shade. This will retail for only $14.99!

beauty creations the sweetest palette swatches

The Eyeshadow palettes come in the shades Sugar Sweets & The Sweetest Palette. We know you’re already thinking it but they remind us so much of the Too Faced chocolate 🍫 and sweet peach 🍑eyeshadow palettes! I’m not sure how intentional that was, but even the packaging (from the metal tin exterior to the eyeshadow pan shape, sizes & layout) seems to channel the TooFaced look. Not that we’re mad! These are going to retail for ONLY $18.99! The shades are certainly a bit different (Sugar Sweets seems to be a good mix of warm tones, deep shades & shimmers while The Sweetest Palette is a bit cooler and possibly more shimmers? It’s a bit hard to tell). These look to contain the perfect combination of shades for simple to sultry neutral looks – I could see these being awesome everyday palettes! They may not be TooFaced but anytime we can get a product similar to a high end item for a drugstore price, we do NOT complain. Am I right?!


Beauty Creations Sweets Collection 2

Huda Beauty: Summer 2017 Collection

huda beauty summer 2017 collection

They’re only slightly late but hey, better late than never is what we say. Huda Beauty is launching their LIMITED EDITION Summer 2017 Collection on Tuesday. 7.18! The collection consists of a Summer Highlighter Palette in Solstice ($45) & four new Liquid Lipsticks ($20 each). The collection will be available on Huda’s website, Cult Beauty & Harrods (likely to be released @ Sephora later, definitely in stores in August).

The highlighter palette includes 3 powder highlighters (in the shades Malibu – the rose gold, champagne, Mykonos – the straight up purple & Copacabana – the soft pink) and 1 cream highlighter (in the shade Saint-Tropez – the yellowish gold). The formula is said to be just the same as their previous highlighter palettes. This is a bit of a twist on your typical strobing palette – mainly because of that purple! It is FIRE! Keep in mind, once it’s blended out, it certainly won’t appear quite this strong and intense but will totally still pull purple. In other words, it’s dope but won’t work for everyone. The other shades are much more wearable and suit all skin tones. But tell me this – have highlighter palettes sort of run their course?! Has it all be done?? Do any of us really want or even need another one?? I’m not sure I’m on board for more of these launches that we all feel like we’ve seen 100 times before.

huda beauty summer 2017 highlighter swatches

These lipsticks, though, I can get down with. There will be four new Liquid Lipstick shades in Bikini Babe, Jetsetter, Wild Child, & Mamacita. Not pictured here is the INCREDIBLE packaging these come in – like, the kind of packaging that makes you want to purchase it just for that reason alone. Bikini Babe is veryyyyyy nude but definitely leans peachy brownish. I suuuuuuper dig it. Jetsetter isn’t really anything to write home about but is super wearable. Maybe the kind of lip you’d rock to work or a date night! Wild Child didn’t appear to come off super pigmented when applied but honestly, that is perfect for a shade like this! It’s a bit more on the bold side but applying a shade like this is WAY easier when the pigmentation isn’t too intense. This is such a quintessential summer color! And lastly, Mamacita is that super trendy orangey-fiery red we all LOVE right now. It’s a no-brainer – it’s stunning. BOLD, but stunning. What do you guys think of the formula of these?! We’d love to know!


huda beauty summer 2017 collection lippie swatches

Lorac: Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection

Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection.png

They’re FINALLY BACK! Lorac is releasing three new additions to their Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette line on Friday, 7.14 @ 9 pm PST/ 12 pm EST on Lorac’s website. The new palettes include Ocean Sunset, Desert Sunset, Mountain Sunset! Each palette features 10 shades and will be $42. As you may have been able to tell, the palette names & shade selections were inspired by colors unique to Southern California’s various landscapes and breathtaking sights when the sun sets over them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.07.24 PM

We OBV need to talk about the packaging first like…… yes. yes and yes. We LOVE that they chose to switch things up from the previous Unzipped packaging of the first two palettes – these are WAY more beautiful! The outer design is a perfect reflection of the shades contained inside! So cool! Plus, they come with a mirror and that’s a big deal. Does anyone else feel how necessary mirrors are in palettes??

Each palette has a very distinct vibe that we totally dig. Even the names reflect the theme! The Sunset Mountain palette features mostly cool tones & deeper, earthly shades. That Earth shade looks like the perfect medium clay type color and Burnt Sienna would be SO BOMB all over the lid if you wanted to bring in some warmth. Ocean Sunset definitely leans a bit more neutral and contains mostly lighter, softer shades. Sundown is like asking me to swatch it, it looks so creamy and beautiful – imagine layering that with High Tide, ahhhhh. That would be the start to a serious sunset eye look! Some Sandbar in the center of the lid and you’ll match the sky. I think my fav, though, is Desert Sunset. Something about oranges and purples together gets me goinggggggg! A little bit of Sandstorm, that warm orangey brown, topped with Meditation, that incredible purple (it’s shimmery, which is even BETTER), blended out with Dunes would be my GO TO with this palette. But the options are nearly endless, especially if you pick up all 3! Which you should totally do if you haven’t tried Lorac shadows before – they’re truly some of the best (up there with ABH Colourpop for sure). They are a super powdery formula, though, because they’re so soft & finely milled, so you can often find lots of kick up and even fallout at times but the quality cannot be beat so it is worth the struggle (i’m being dramatic, it isn’t that much of a struggle but you know). At $42, it’s not an incredible value, especially considering the Pro Palettes are only $2 more at $44 but contain 6 more shades (16 shades in the Pro vs 10 in the unzipped). However, the pan sizes are larger in the Unzipped palettes so I suppose they have that going for them. The selling point really is the shade combos though. Which are you thinking of trying?? And have you tried the previous Unzipped palettes?! What did you think??


Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection 2

Colourpop X Karrueche

Colourpop X Karrueche palette.png

WE’VE GOT PART 3 PEOPLE!! Of what, you ask?! Colourpop released their new THIRD collab with Karrueche on TODAY – the FemRosa Collection! The collection consists of a face palette in Her ($15), an eyeshadow palette in She ($16), & a Fem Rosa lip set ($15 – they are also being sold separately for $6).

The She eyeshadow palette consists of 12 shades & truly embodies the rose theme of this launch. This is the softest, most sultry, gorgeous palette like, ever. There aren’t really any super deep shades which lends this palette to be inherently dainty and girly – a perfect, everyday palette! It looks like more than half of the shades are satin or shimmery, but this type of palette kind of calls for that, am I right?? The shades mesh so flawlessly together, too! Ugh! The real question is, though – is this going to drop like it’s HOT like the Yes Please palette?! We will have to wait and see.

The Her face palette includes a blush, bronzer, & highlight – the first palette from CP to include ALL 3 pressed products IN ONE! The highlight is very clearly on the yellowy, gold side (and, in swatches, seems almost too dark for lighter skin tones) so it may not suit everyone. However, it does provide that POP when swatched. The blush is relatively neutral and looks like it would suit most skin tones. The bronzer isn’t very deep which will make it perfect for light to medium skin tones but my deeper tone ladies probably won’t get much use out of that shade. Overall, the trio looks pretty sweet and the packaging is pretty much TO DIE FOR so you can’t really go wrong.

Colourpop X Karrueche Fem rosa

Lastly, we have the lip set which includes 1 Ultra Glossy Lip + 2 Ultra Satin Lip for $6 each. The shades include Mrs. (a deepened coral Ultra Satin), Darling (a deep plum Ultra Satin) & Contessa (a warm gold with hints of pink & golden glitter Ultra Glossy). The tubes are SO FREAKING CUTE! OMG! The font is this adorable almost type-writer style look with a beautiful rose imprinted above it. This is the type of packaging that we have such a hard time resisting! What did you pick up today?!


Colourpop X Karrueche Fem rosa lip collection

Ulta x Melisa Michelle Combo Palette

Ulta x Melisa Michelle Combo Palette

Sooooooo…. we are just a LITTLE late on this one BUT we still just needed to tell you guys about it because it’s that exciting – Ulta released a NEW Eyeshadow Palette collab with the beautiful Melisa Michelle earlier this week on Friday, 7.7 (it’ll be available in store on 7.23)! Yes, another YouTube collab, we know, but as I mentioned in our last post (the Nicol Concilio X Violet Voss palette post) I am just a sucker for YouTube collabs. And makeup. So pretty much I’m sucked in either way.

The palette contains a total of 9 eyeshadows (4 shimmery and 5 mattes) plus a highlighter, blush, & a liquid lipstick! FOR $20! Sayyyyyy whatttt?! That is so much product and SO MUCH variety for that price tag. Melisa explains everything super thoroughly in her video (above) but I’ll give you a quick run down – these look BOMB! The live swatches in the video are a testament to the pigmentation and creaminess of these shades. Plus, each one has a super cute name that holds so much meaning to Melisa. And the shade selection is soooooo cohesive, we are soooooo impressed! The blush is also perfectly neutral – this would totally work for every single skin tone, seriously. The highlight was created for this, too! See how it contains 3 different shades?! They can be used individually to suit your preferred highlight shade OR mixed all together for that POPPIN’ glow. Now what I can’t get over is how perfect this liquid lipstick is – that is a true dusty nude shade that is going to suit, like, everyone! Plus, no matter what eye look you create with the palette, the lip will totally match! This is seriously a traveler’s DREAM palette! It has everything you need! It won’t be in stores until 7.23, but you can grab it online NOW!


Ulta x Melisa Michelle Combo Palette 2

Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Eyeshadow Palette

Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Eyeshadow Palette.png

Another YouTuber collab?! YES PLEASE! Violet Voss is hitting us with a brand new Eyeshadow Palette in collaboration with Nicole Concilio on Wednesday, 7.12! The palette will be $45 (fairly standard for Violet Voss) and will contain 20 total shadesThese shades vary between matte and shimmery. The shimmery shades are NYC (which p.s. is a purple iridescent shade – I know, right?! You would have thought it was straight frosty white but no no, it’s way cooler than that) Zo-zo, Glorious, Nicol, Sagittarius, GiGi, Palm Tree, L.A., Victoria, & Pingy. The matte shades are Bruh, Pizza, Mars, Daisy, Hangry, Blou, Hey Girl, Chawwcolate, Boop-Bop, & Retrograde.

I am a HUGE fan of YouTuber collabs – in fact, most of my collection is made up of YouTuber collars (literally, I’ve got the Kathleen Lights eyeshadow palette & the Kathleen Lights Colourpop lippies, the Shaaanxo eyeshadow palette, the Carli Bybel Deluxe eyeshadow palette, the It’sJudyTime eyeshadow palette, the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette… the list goes on). Why? Mostly because they get a ton of hype & I’m a sucker but also because I totally love supporting these girls for killing it, period. And I LOVE the products! But for some reason, this one is slightly underwhelming.

Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Eyeshadow Palette

The top two rows are primarily those warms, orangey red tones that are super trendy right now but also a bit played out at this point and the rest of the shades are just ones that we’ve seen so many times before. Honestly, most of us probably already have each of these shades in our collection (even though, like I said, NYC is a trippy shifting shade, it’s almost the same as the super white highlight in the Carli Babel Deluxe Edition eyeshadow palette). I also haven’t tried Violet Voss shadows personally yet so I can’t attest to the quality, either. Don’t get me wrong, the palette is totally gorgeous! I’m just not sure how many of us will find a need (or even really a want cause let’s be real, we don’t NEED any more makeup) for this specific color range. That packaging, through, is totally lit (that holographic mirror though!) but we can’t justify $45 for packaging, can we?? If you’re a collector, this might be something you just can’t resist, but otherwise, I’m thinking this might be a pass. What do you think?! I’d love to know!


Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Eyeshadow Palette swatches