Pinky Rose Cosmetics: Silk Formula Liquid Lipstick


I’m a huge sucker for cute packaging and Pinky Rose has got me feeling some type of way. New year, new formula, right?! Their NEW Silk Formula is a “lightweight, very wearable, all-day liquid to matte lipstick” – how good does that sound?! The debut shade is SEX & it looks almost as good as it 😉 From the picture below, you can totally tell that this matte lipstick is AMAZING! But, unfortunately, this is the only picture of the new shade! I can’t wait to see some more photos to really get a sense of what this new formula and shade come off looking like. Through our awesome detective work, we got you the correct release date – Saturday 2.11! LOL!




Pinky Rose Cosmetics: Transition Palette


We know, we know – this photo doesn’t do much for you other than get you soooooo CURIOUS! I think that is just what Pinky Rose Cosmetics had in mind when they posted this yesterday. They want to leave us in SUSPENSE! And it’s totally working! All we know is that this Transition Palette is something we ALL NEED in our makeup collection. Am I just living under a rock or is this a BRAND NEW CONCEPT?! A transition palette is probably the best idea of pretty much all time ever. Who can’t use more blending shades, especially all wrapped into one super adorable, circle palette?! Not sure. No one probably. We don’t have a date yet – again, more suspense. But once we know more, so will you!