Lorac: POREfection Complexion Pens & PRO Lip Color

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens 3

These swatches are so seriously satisfying – they’ve got us so excited for the Lorac Cosmetics NEW POREFection Complexion Pens & PRO Lip Color shades dropping on Thursday, 8.10 @ 9 am on Lorac’s website! Both products comes in super convenient, thin pen-style packaging, making for extra sleek, travel/purse friendly products that I thiiiiiiink we are going to LoVe!

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens 2

We are so THRILLED when brands expand existing lines & these babies are the newest addition to the POREfection family! The POREfection Complexion Pens come in 12 creamy shades, ranging from incredible fair to very deep. The product was created with a precision tip for flawless, smooth application that will glide on effortlessly without dragging, pulling or disrupting the makeup beneath it. Plus, they’re delightfully skin-loving by containing no mineral oils, no parabens, and no fragrances. These just look so buttery, we cannot wait to feel them in person!

Lorac POREfection Complexion Pens

What is more exciting than completion products?? Cheese fries! Oh wait, I meant lippies! We LOVE trying new formulas & shades! The PRO Lip Color lipsticks will launch in 10 NEW shades! These have a satin finish (our definitive, totally, definitely favorite lip finish). The shades range from medium nude shades to deeper browns and even a few more vampy berry tones! And, just like the concealers, they were created in a form perfect for application – the slight point of these allows you to line & define and then fill, all with one product! YES! We love when we can trim down the number of products we use bit still achieve an incredible, flawless look! We kind of wish there was a slightly lighter pink or nude here to suit those that prefer slightly more muted lip shades, but… in reality… do we need more light pinks and nudes?? Admittedly, no. We should probably thank Lorac for taking that option away – savings us from ourselves. Thanks, LORAC! 


Lorac: Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection

Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection.png

They’re FINALLY BACK! Lorac is releasing three new additions to their Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette line on Friday, 7.14 @ 9 pm PST/ 12 pm EST on Lorac’s website. The new palettes include Ocean Sunset, Desert Sunset, Mountain Sunset! Each palette features 10 shades and will be $42. As you may have been able to tell, the palette names & shade selections were inspired by colors unique to Southern California’s various landscapes and breathtaking sights when the sun sets over them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.07.24 PM

We OBV need to talk about the packaging first like…… yes. yes and yes. We LOVE that they chose to switch things up from the previous Unzipped packaging of the first two palettes – these are WAY more beautiful! The outer design is a perfect reflection of the shades contained inside! So cool! Plus, they come with a mirror and that’s a big deal. Does anyone else feel how necessary mirrors are in palettes??

Each palette has a very distinct vibe that we totally dig. Even the names reflect the theme! The Sunset Mountain palette features mostly cool tones & deeper, earthly shades. That Earth shade looks like the perfect medium clay type color and Burnt Sienna would be SO BOMB all over the lid if you wanted to bring in some warmth. Ocean Sunset definitely leans a bit more neutral and contains mostly lighter, softer shades. Sundown is like asking me to swatch it, it looks so creamy and beautiful – imagine layering that with High Tide, ahhhhh. That would be the start to a serious sunset eye look! Some Sandbar in the center of the lid and you’ll match the sky. I think my fav, though, is Desert Sunset. Something about oranges and purples together gets me goinggggggg! A little bit of Sandstorm, that warm orangey brown, topped with Meditation, that incredible purple (it’s shimmery, which is even BETTER), blended out with Dunes would be my GO TO with this palette. But the options are nearly endless, especially if you pick up all 3! Which you should totally do if you haven’t tried Lorac shadows before – they’re truly some of the best (up there with ABH Colourpop for sure). They are a super powdery formula, though, because they’re so soft & finely milled, so you can often find lots of kick up and even fallout at times but the quality cannot be beat so it is worth the struggle (i’m being dramatic, it isn’t that much of a struggle but you know). At $42, it’s not an incredible value, especially considering the Pro Palettes are only $2 more at $44 but contain 6 more shades (16 shades in the Pro vs 10 in the unzipped). However, the pan sizes are larger in the Unzipped palettes so I suppose they have that going for them. The selling point really is the shade combos though. Which are you thinking of trying?? And have you tried the previous Unzipped palettes?! What did you think??


Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Collection 2

Lorac Cosmetics: Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Lorac Cosmetics Pirates of the Caribbean Collection 6.JPG

This Tuesday, 4.11, Lorac Cosmetics is opening a pre-sale of their Pirates of the Caribbean Collection – TBT, am I right?! We are absolutely in love with this packaging! You’re going to be blown away by how creative this collection is! The release is part of a promotion for the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie with the gorgeous, talented, handsome Johnny Depp. Let’s go over what this collection includes, shall we?

First, there is the Cursed Eyeshadow Palette ($52) which has 18 (some quite hilarious) pirate themed shades such as Arrgh!. Mattey, Black Pearl, and Yo Ho! These shades are a combination of shimmer and matte – some even look metallic based on the swatches we’ve seen! The color scheme is totally what we would expect – mostly deeper, mostly neutral shades. But we are super excited for that bright red & mid-toned green we see mixed there – LOVE that! However, did you notice that price tag?! How could you not. No doubt you are paying for this adorable packaging to some degree. But let’s be real, this is primarily a collector’s item so it may totally be worth the cash for some of us!


Second, there is the blush/highlighter Cheek Palette ($30) that comes with 6 beautiful shades in Fortune, Lost Soul, Destined, Caribbean, Star Reader, and Old Spirit. The cool thing is that this ‘diary’ fits secretly into the middle of the eyeshadow palette, which makes for a pretty neat portable set! Creative, yeah?! We think so! We are DIGGIN the tones in this palette – they’ll suit sooooo many skin tones!


Finally, there will be 6 BRAND NEW shades of their MOD Lip Creams ($26). The shades are Ahoy Matey! Risk it All, Trident, Me Hearties, and Barboss-y (the 6th shade name hasn’t been released yet). One of our favorites is definitely the amazing blue Ahoy Matey! Totally such an awesome shade but so rare we get to wear them! The others are definitely wayyyyy nice wearable – we love the soft peaches & pinks! We’re actually surprised there aren’t more crazy scallywag shades here. How many Pirates of the Caribbean fans are dying for something from this collection!? Let us know!



Lorac: California Dreaming Palette


Lorac is dropping this GORGEOUS California Dreaming palette on their website on Thursday, 1.19!! This totally gives us sunny skies & warm weather vibes. The shades look perfect for the transition from winter to spring – I’m especially eyeing that Kitty Cat shade! However, you DON’T have to wait until Thursday to get your hands on this – it is already available on Ulta’s website! Click the link below to check it out.





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