Karity: Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

It’s like we don’t even have to tell you – this is light pink & purple & all of the other colors of the rainbow so OBVIOUSLY it’s unicorn themed – duh! Karity announced their magical new Unicorn Dreams eyeshadow palette yesterday! The kind of unmagical part is that they haven’t given us the release date – but we’ve still got you covered! Keep an eye on your release calendar or subscribe to our email list so you won’t miss out once the date is announced!

Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette 3

This might be one of the most exciting unicorn themed releases so far (which is saying something since there has been like, 1,000,000). The palette will include 15 enchanting pastel eyeshadow shades that range from glitter to matte finishes.  We LOVE that they also included the most perfect medium, cool toned brown for a transition shade – we sometimes fear with these colorful palettes that we won’t have enough variety for a full eye look. But, of course, Karity already thought of that. And don’t forget: Karity is cruelty free, vegan & paraben free!

Each pastel shade is so different from the next which makes this palette a PERFECT addition to your collection! That Forbidden shade is really speaking to me! Gahhh! So is Fairytale, Secret Sparkle. We cannot wait to see some swatches of this beauty and will be sure to share them with you as soon as we can! We have one more bit of magic to share with you – this will retail for only $25! Yes! And, like we said, make sure to subscribe to our email list below so that we can let you know when this (and all of the other super exciting makeup launches) drop so that you don’t ever miss out! We promise, we totally don’t spam you (we hate that too). You’ll thank us when you get your hands on that new hot product right before it sells out!


Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette 2

Karity: Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

Karity 9 Eyeshadow palette in Just Peachy.PNG
Wow, Karity just announced on basically a moments notice that they released a new Eyeshadow palette today called Just Peachy. Interesting that they released a peach themed Eyeshadow palette on the same day that Kylie Jenners Peach Palette is supposed to be released… hmmmmmm.. that’s okay! More Eyeshadow for us! These shades look amazing and the swatches shown below really show it!


Karity 9 Eyeshadow palette in Just Peachy 2Karity 9 Eyeshadow palette in Just Peachy Swatches