Testing Out the KARITY Just Peachy & Unicorn Dreams Palettes | First Impression

It’s almost the WEEKEND!! To kick it off, we have a new video for you! YAY! We just love getting to show you the newest products that we are loving (or not) on our channel! Obv, if you know anything about MakeupFOMO, you know new releases are our JAM! In this video, I test out Karity eyeshadows in their NEWEST palettes, Unicorn Dreams & Just Peachy. I have had my eye on Karity shadows for like, ever and was sooooooo excited to finally test them out! You’ll have to peep the video to see what I thought – not only did I review the palettes, but I also included swatches & TWO tutorials! It’s an action packed video, for sure. Have you tried Karity before?! Let us know what you think of their products and of our video – we LOVE to hear from you!  

Karity: Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette | First Impressions

Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette 3The newest palette from Karity is just as mystical & fantastical as the elusive creature to inspire it – feast your eyes on the Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette from Karity Cosmetics. This was launched super recently and has totally stole the stage of all that is unicorn themed. Not only is the exterior packaging literally speaking to us with the periwinkle blue & holographic unicorn image, but the 15 shades within are everything our wild souls are made of. From the sea foam green to the berry tones, the frosty rose gold & the champagne pop, we don’t even know where to begin! Well actually, we might. The first little bit of magic we just have to share with you – the price tag. You can snag allllllll 15 of these incredible tones for only $25… I still can’t really figure out how they get this quality, pigmentation & creativity into one compact palette for that price, seriously (it’s just as mysterious as the legend of the unicorn itself). This is a high-end palette, just with a drugstore price tag. That is music to my ears. And magic to my wallet.

Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

This might be one of the most exciting unicorn themed releases so far (which is saying something since there has been like, 1,000,000). Peep our swatches above (yes, that’s my arm, hello!). Can you even get over all of those enchanting pastel shades?! They range from creamy matte to intense glitter and every.single.one packs pigmentation like you wouldn’t believe. We LOVE that they also included the most perfect medium brown (Forest) for a transition shade option – we sometimes fear with these colorful palettes that we won’t have enough variety for a full eye look. But, of course, Karity already thought of that.


You may initially be daunted by the shade selection here but seriously, DON’T BE! Each pastel shade is so different from the next which makes this palette a PERFECT addition to your collection! If you’re like most of us, I bet your current palette stash is full of lots of nudes and neutrals and browns. True or true? All you need is one palette (aka this palette) to add some fun color choices to your collection! But just because this palette has a ton of colorful party pops doesn’t mean it can’t hang with the more conservative office crowd, too! No, no. This palette can be wild (think Fairytale, Mane, Skye Magical) but can also be simple (I’m looking @ you Pure, Spark, Forest, Forbidden Sparkle). Recently voted Most Likely to be Most Versatile in the Unicorn senior superlatives. Can’t say we disagree…

After trying this out on my own eye lids, I can TRULY say that the formula here raises the bar. Seriously. Colored shades can be tricky to get right but Karity came through perfect across the board. The mattes blend out like a dream (a #UnicornDream, actually… See what we did there?) and the shimmer shades are POPPIN’! You do NOT need any enhancer with these. Their pure pigment is frosty and metallic and hellaaaaa eye-catching! PLUS, with NO FALL OUT or KICK UP in the pan, there isn’t another palette you can find for more bang (or quality or pigmentation or shade assortment) for your buck. And don’t forget: Karity is cruelty free, vegan & paraben free! And wait, there’s more magic – did we mention the mirror?! Yes, there is a mirror. A good one. A large one. It’s truly a Unicorn’s dream (and ours!) come true.


Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette 2

Karity: Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette | First Impressions

Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette 2

I know my warm-tone lovers are screaming on the inside (and maybe outside) right now @ this beauty – am right?! Karity recently released their Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette and OMG is it incredible!! The palette includes with 15 suuuuuper pigmented shadows that are absolutely to.die.for. The absolutely crazy part is that entire palette retails for only $25 – whaaaaa? Less than $2 per shade is nuuuuuts ESPECIALLY for these. These are literally high-end shadows just with a drugstore price tag. Period.

Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette Swatches.jpg

We got our hands on this super soon after it launched and put them to the test – we are happy to report: we are IN LOVE! I mean, check out those swatches on my freckly little arm. Like, WOAH! In fact, this palette checked just about every box: matte cream shade for the lid – CHECK; matte transition shade – CHECK; balanced selection of mattes and shimmers – CHECK; suuuuuper creamy texture – CHECK; bold, almost metallic shimmer shades that need NO enhancer – CHECK! We could go on and on and on. We only wish that the deep shade in the palette was slightly deeper – as you can see, there aren’t many options here for a darker look. But hey, not all of us can get down with that deep grungy stuff anyway, am I right?

The shimmers are definitely best applied with your finger to pack as much punch on the lid as possible. But when I say they are THE MOST PIGMENTED shimmers I have ever used, I actually mean it. Other shimmers applied with the help of setting spray or glitter glue STILL pale in comparison to the pure pigment of these. It’s unreal. The mattes blend out like a freaking DREAM with one another without any patchiness & without any fall out. I repeat – NO FALL OUT. With any of the shades! There wasn’t even any kick up in the pan either which is probably one of the best features of this palette – no shadow falling all over your cheeks and no wasted product kicking up in the pan that you need to blow away or tap off of your brush. I’m not sure what Karity’s formula or pressing process is, but ABH may be able to take some lessons if you know what I mean..


For those of you that thought the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette fell a little flat or didn’t offer the selection of peach tones that you were expecting – look no further. This palette is what the Sweet Peach could have been… Karity just killed it. I even want to rave about the mirror in here because I feel as though sooooooo many palettes that I’ve tried recently don’t even come with a mirror at all, let along a mirror this big. That component, paired with the compact but sturdy packaging, certainly make this a PERFECT travel companion. You can complete such a huge range of looks with the shade selection here, too. From rather bold with pops of orange and gold to subtle with the browns and soft champagnes. I’m telling you, this is an all in one, MVP, winner winner chicken dinner. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re cruelty free & vegan, too (as if we didn’t love them enough already!). Have you tried any Karity shadows before?! If so, let us know and leave recommendations for other palettes we NEED to try!


Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette