Johnny Concert: Limited Edition Tie-D’eye’ Collection

Johnny Concert Limited Edition Tie Deye collection

Is there any beauty lover or makeup junkie out there that isn’t swooning over these right now?! Johnny Concert is releasing these beautiful new shadows as part of his Tie D’eye’ Eyeshadow Collection! The pre-sale will be begin on Thursday, 4.20 for all Johnny Concert VIP Members (lucky!) and for the rest of us on 5.01. The shades have obviously stolen your heart already. The names are just as sweet: Punk Ballet, Cotton Candy, Peace Love Riot, Agent Lollipop, and Vamp Squad. Is anyone else having flashbacks to Colourpop’s Tie Dye shadows?! TBT. And just like Colourpop, the mixing of every color is unique & will vary for each individual shadow so, therefore, swatches will also differ slightly, too. But we love that – It’s like we each get a little Johnny Concert snowflake! And pssssst, PRO TIP: If you can’t wait till May to get your hands on these, you can sign up as a VIP member by clicking their VIP Access link at the bottom of the page! Go do it!

Johnny Concert Limited Edition Tie Deye collection swatches

Johnny Concert: Smash Stereo Eyeshadow

WOW I am obsessed with this new Johnny Concert shade! It’s being released tomorrow 3.12 and it is absolutely gorgeous! We are huge suckers for these bright colorful shades because they are so fun to wear and use to make interesting new looks like the one @Sleepologist did in the picture above. Johnny Concert is definitely known for their intense and colorful eyeshadows, and I’m always surprised by their ability to keep coming up with beautiful new shades. Our guess is this one will be $13 which is a pretty solid! Reviews of their previous eyeshadows have been awesome, Vegan Beauty Reviews loves them, and we haven’t really seen any negative reviews at all! If you love vegan and need some new bold eyeshadows, you definitely can’t go wrong with Johnny Concert.


Johnny Concert Smash Stereo Swatch.PNG

Johnny Concert Cosmetics: Bad Kitty Eyeshadow


Get excited – Johnny Concert Cosmetics will be releasing a brand new, INSANELY beautiful new eyeshadow on 1.18, Bad Kitty! We know this photo doesn’t do it much justice at all, but it’s all that is available to find so far – which is totally fine because this photo was still MORE than enough to get us stoked for the new shade. This soft, shimmery light pink will be available on their website in just two days! Plus, the shade is vegan & organic! Be sure to click over to our Product Release Calendar to check out the release date info for this & SO MANY other releases launching soon that you will NOT want to miss. Click the link below on release day to head right over to Johnny Concert’s site!

Update: Use code BEAUTYCULT to save 20%!