Jeffree Star X Manny MUA: Uranus Highlight

Jeffree Star x Manny Mua.JPG

Our favorite boys are at it AGAIN! Jeffree Star & Manny MUA are releasing a brand NEW Skin Frost Highlight in Uranus on Saturday, 9.09 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST! This new highlight is being released as part of their collab bundle with a newly redesigned packaging for Eclipse, and two Liquid Lipsticks Daddy & I’m Shook. There’s a downside, though (we know, it just seemed TOO good to be true…). The new highlight is only available as part of the bundle – which will run you $50! It’s not sooooooo bad, though, if you’re into the entire collection cause it’s kind of a steal – each product is only $12.50! However, if you already own a few or even all 3 of the re-releases, this is totally a bummer.

Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Skin frost Uranus Eclipse

We’ve written about Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost before, as well as his previous collab with Manny Mua, which you can check out here. As for the new highlight shade – we’re kinda like, ehh. It’s definitely not something we haven’t seen before… but honestly, is it even possible to release a highlight we haven’t come across like, a bunch of time before?!  I think not. If you LOVE Jeffree & the formula of his highlighters, this is definitely a must have! However, considering the lack of uniqueness and the forced bundle for purchasing, I’m thinking many of us can pass on this one. Think otherwise?! Let us know! We LOVE to hear from you!


Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Skin frost Eclipse

Jeffree Star: Chrome Summer Collection

Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection

This is freaking HUGE, guys! Jeffree Star is releasing his biggest collection ever EVER on Saturday, 6.24! The total LIMITED EDITION Chrome Summer Collection collection contains five new Lip Ammunition Lipsticks shades, eight Velour Liquid Lipsticks, three Velour lip scrubs, and two new Skin Frosts. Did you get all of that?! That’s 18 products. 18!! Watch the Youtube star himself show you all these awesome new releases.

The Velour Liquid Lipstick shades are Butt Naked (a neutral peach beige) Hunty (a warm camel nude) Family Jewels (a cool-toned medium brown) Calabasas (a burnt cranberry sienna) Venus Flytrap (a chartreuse) You. Better. Work (a red-based violet) Candyass (a pink gold metallic) and Flamboyant (a bright, coral metallic). Each will retail for $18! Reviews of the previous releases of these liquid lipsticks have been reallyyyyy good, @berryduchess thought they were a solid buy! And you know ALL the biggest YouTubers are obsessed with the Velour formula, too! Some of the shades here are CRAZY, though! Do you see that royal purple and that straight up lime green?! Sooooo out there but that’s Jeffree, right?!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Swatches

The Lip Ammunition shades are Skin Tight (a soft nude pink) Star Witness (a dusty orange) Birthday Suit (a soft rose nude) Birkin Suede (a soft nude brown), and Thick As Thieves (a true warm mahogany). These are also $18 each and have gotten pretty good reviews previously, too! These all see to be super wearable, neutral shades we can all get a TON of use out of! Though we all love our liquid lippies, there really is something to be said about a nice, old-school solid lipstick in a tube, are you with me?! Plus, the packaging is a bullet. Get it – lip ammunition? Get it.

Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection Lip Ammunition

Finally there is the two new Skin Frost shades in Summer Snowcone (a blinding gold yellow) and Crystal Ball (an icy duo-chrome with a pink shift).  These highlighters are known to be literally BLINDING so if you’re into glowing to the moon, you’ll adore these! But if you’re into the more subtle, natural look, they may not be your cup of tea. These will retail for $29. And lastly, there’s also the three new Velour Lip Scrubs in Watermelon Gum, Blue Raspberry Sucker, and Orange Soda which will retail for $12. These sound soooooo yummy! If they’re anything like the Lush lip scrubs, Ill be ALL over them.

You can totally purchase these individually like we mentioned but the collection will also come in a bunch of different bundles that you can pick up all of the releases for a small discount. The You. Better. Work Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle Box will include all 8 liquid lipsticks & retail for $105 and the JSC Lipstick Vault will include ALL 13 lip products for $195! A steal, maybe not but convenient & cool packaging, no doubt! Are you eyeing up any of these shades?! Let us know!


Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection 2

Jeffree Star X Manny MUA Collab

Jeffree Star x Manny mua collab bundle

This collection is like, the collab of all collabs. Am I right or am i right?! When the QUEENS of makeup get together, you KNOWWWW it’s gonna be BOMB! Jeffree Star Cosmetics is dropping two Velour Liquid Lipsticks (in Daddy I’m Shook) & one Skin Frost Highlighter (in Eclipse) in collaboration with the incredible Manny MUA on Saturday, 4.08 @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST! Jeffree is iconic for his incredible liquid lipsticks – they’re super matte, super long wearing & super comfortable. And the shades just cannot be beat – I mean, Daddy must be the most gorgeous cool, nude brown of all time, ever. And these Skin Frosts are NO JOKE – they’re the type of highlighters that can be seen from Pluto (is that even a planet anymore, have we decided on that yet or…?). Jeffree is all about the intense glow so keep that in mind if you’re looking to try this out. However, no matter your preference, I don’t think you can go wrong with this collection. It’s Manny & it’s Jeffree; they can do no wrong.


Jeffree Star: Skin Frost in Siberian Gold

Jeffree Star: Skin Frost in Siberian Gold
We’re not sure about you, but gold is one of our FAV highlight shades! And now, we get to pick up a brand NEW shade from Jeffree Star! His newest Skin Frost in Siberian Gold will launch Tuesday, 2.14 @ 10 am PST/  1 pm EST! The shade seems to contain a slightly rosey shift to it – it’s absolutely stunning! This bad boy will join the other 11 Skin Frost shades in the line & will cost $29. Most of the other products in this line are vegan & cruelty-free, so we can only assume this one will be just as earth-friendly, too! And, of course, we know it’ll be just as incredible in terms of pigmentation, sheen & formula as the other highlighters he’s launched! It is Jeffree, after all. Check him out wearing the NEW highlighter below!


Jeffree Star: Skin Frost in Siberian Gold