Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection


Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 4.png

Pretty sure this hasn’t been done ever before soooooo pretty sure this is SO DANG EXCITING! Setting the stage for the next level in collaboration is Dose of Colors – they launched a double collab today, 8.14 with Desi Perkins and Katy (aka @luxtrelux). The collab consists of two Liquid Matte Lipsticks in shades Savage & Hot Fire ($18), two Creamy Lipsticks in shades No Shade & More Creamer Please ($16) & one Lip Gloss called Over the Top ($15). It also included two Highlighters in Fuego Mirame ($28) and finally one Eyeshadow palette called The Girls ($28). If you’re nuts for these girls or DOC in general, you can purchase the ENTIRE collab in a bundle for $167 (which doesn’t actually save you any money at all? which seems silly but I suppose it saves you like, 8 clicks of the mouse by adding only one item to your cart instead of each individual product? First world problem solutions right??)

Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection.png

Are you freaking out over these swatches?? We know you must be. These are from The Girls eyeshadow palette! The palette includes the shades Suz (a bright champagne shade in a super creamy texture that is formulated to be used wet), Harpoon (a metallic cool green with gold & green reflects that is also formulated to be used wet), Turbofan (a super shimmery duo-chrome deep purple shade) & Noli (a creamy bronze infused with gold reflects). Many of you may think that “wetting” a shade means using a setting spray or Fix + but you don’t need to be that extra! Even DOC simply suggests using one small drop of water on your finger with Suz and Harpoon – that’s all you’ll need!

Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 2

We know you already know & love the DOC lippie formula & packaging so we don’t even need to go into detail here, right?! What we can go on and on and on and on about are the shades in this collection! Savage is your perfect vampy fall shade – it’s deep and kind of brown but kind of purple and every kind of beautiful. Hot Fire is the super trendy orangey red that we are all kind of obsessed with right now. The lipsticks in No Shade More Creamer Please are my personal cup of tea though – they’re soft & nude & not matte & gorgeous! And Over The Top is the perfect sheer nude gloss that will compliment any of the other shades mentioned here (or like, any shade, ever).

As of this post, some of the collection is sold out but there are still some items left you can snatch up! You better get them while they’re HOT!


Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection 3

Dose of Colors: Mint For You Collection

Dose of colors mint for you collection

Is this not everyone’s favorite color?! Seriously, Dose of Colors is praying on the weakness – we cannot resist cute packaging! DoC released this fresh Mint For You Collection today, 7.31! The collection comes with two Blushes ($22) in the shades Statemint & Amazement and two Eyedeal Duos ($25) in shades MagicMomint (a sparkling rose gold) & MintToBe (a sparkling aqua mint). The line also includes two new Eyedeal Crayons ($18) in shades Complimint & Hint of Mint and two new Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Excitemint Mintea. You can even get this suuuuuper cute Makeup Bag ($18) by itself or and you can get the whole thing as a Bundle of every product for $166 (which isn’t really much of a steal, you’re paying full price for each item but getting the makeup bag for free so ehhhhh).


How stunning are these blushes?! Amazemint (on the right) is a vibrant peach with a very subtle sheen while Statemint (my literal favorite type of blush, on the left) is a warm soft pink. These are VERY pigmented so a little tap of the brush in the pan is enough for a whole cheek. They are each retailing for $22.


These Eyedeal Duos are kind of taking out breath away! The set is a loose pigment and primer pairing – the primer acts as a sticky agent to lock-in and enhance the loose pigment that you layer on top! This will not only result is hellaaaaa color payoff but will also reduce the risk of powder fall out into your cheeks after application, too. We just LOVE this super unique idea! Magic Moment is a sparkling rose gold that would STUN all over the lid while Mint to Be is perfectly fitting for this collection in a sparkling light minty teal tone. These are retailing for $25 each.

The Eyedeal Crayons don’t get us quite as excited (am I the only one that isn’t into shadow sticks??) but the shades are quite pretty.  Hint of Mint is, also just right for this line, a milky mint shade & Complimint is a true black. These both apply matte and rub smoothly without a tug or pull on the lid. They are retailing for $18.

The Liquid Lipstick packaging is sucking me in with the mint wands – SO CUTE! The shades are speaking to me, too – Excitemint is a bright, milky pink that leans slightly warm/coral and Mintea is a light, dusty nude pink that also leans a bit peachy. These have a velvety feel but a matte finish and LOTS and LOTS of longevity! They retail for $18 and it’s worth it all for those cute tubes, gosh.


Dose of colors mint for you collection 2

Dose of Colors: Lip It Up Lipsticks

Dose of Colors Lip It Up Lipsticks.png

What is DOC known for if not lippies, am I right?! That’s how we KNOW this new launch is going to be BOMB. Dose of Colors is releasing A WHOLE NEW LINE – their Lip It Up Lipsticks – tomorrow, Thursday, 6.23  @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST! This new collection of satin (oh YAS, SATIN!) lipsticks will be $17 each! The shades include Mochi, Parfait, Toast, Mocha, Lava Cake, Glazed, Fudge, Cinnamon Swirl, and Butter Scotch. The only problem is that now we’re freaking STARVING… my sweet tooth heard all of that. We are suuuuuuper excited about this collection for a few reasons…

First, the shade selection is everything. No matter your summer go-to hue, you can find it here! Mochi is a hot, bubble-gum soft pink, Toast is a medium true milky chocolate brown, Fudge is your deep, vampy brown with a maroon shift, Glazed is the PERFECT peachy nude, Cinnamon Swirl is literally exactly how it sounds – a warm, burnt red that pulls slightly orange, Mocha is an incredible deep mauvey brown with a slight rosey tint, Butterscotch is TOTALLY ME – a true neutral nude, almost concealer-like shade, Parfait is a hot fuchsia with a blue undertone and lastly Lava Cake is another vampy, deep wine shade. We honestly love them ALL!

Dose of colors lip it up swatches

These are totally out of the ordinary for two reasons – can you guess?? They’re SATIN (not matte) and they’re a normal, tubed lipstick (not a liquid lipstick). I feel like over the past year or so, all we’ve seen is MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK EVERYTHING. And I’ve been like, missing the non-drying, soft looking formulas in the low-maintenance, easy-to-apply tubes! This is kind of the answer to my prayers. The formula is definitely highly pigmented with a creamy, slightly dewy finish that won’t set down dry or tight making them SUPER comfortable and wearable – that is literally everything we need in the summer when we want out lip products to be simple but stunning! And I mean, the rose gold packaging is pretty much the icing on the cake! These just look so luxurious, ahhhhh!


Dose of colors lip it up swatches.png

Dose of Colors: New Supreme Glow Highlighters

Dose of Colors New Supreme Glow Highlighters

MORE HIGHLIGHTERS, ladies & gents! Do you have room in your collection?! We think probably definitely so. Dose of Colors is one-upping Melt Cosmetics just a bit by dropping freaking FIVE NEW Supreme Glow Highlighters @ 10am PST/1pm EST on Monday, 5.01 on the Dose of Color’s website! Each highlighter will be $28 & perfect for you and you and you. The shades are Royal Hotness, Dream On, Milk N’ Honey, Melonade, and Icy You Baby (peep the swatches below & hold onto your socks cause it might knock them off). Every shade is gluten free, talc free & cruelty free! We ALL love that. The formula applies weightlessly for that airbrushed, flawless GLOW. This new launch comes with a little something for every highlighter preference – we have that super warm, yellow leaning shade, a coraly-peach that would be perfect for deep skin tones or even as a blush topper for us fair ladies, a frosty pink which is a personal FAV of mine, a true bronzey-copper which has SUMMER GLOW written all over it & then, of course, the classic champagne pop we can’t resist. Plus how sleek is the geometric pattern engrained in the powder?! Such a cute touch, thanks Dose!



Dose of Colors: Baked Browns & Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow Palettes

When you think Dose of Colors, you think lip products, no? We kind of do, too. But not anymore! Feast your eyes on these beauties! We’re swooning! Dose of Colors is releasing the warm Baked Browns & the cool Marvelous Mauves eyeshadow palettes on Wednesday, 3.15 @ 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST! They’ll retail for $32 each.

The creators at Dose chose 5 perfectly paired, super pigmented shades to bring us palettes we can use everyday! And of course, they’re cruelty-free, paraben-free & talc-free. Who doesn’t love that?! Now, you’ve GOT to see these swatches – we have both swatches for the Marvelous Mauves palette so far (which we can already tell is going to be our favorite!) but we will be sure to share the Browns asap!

Can you even breathe right now?! These are by far our favorite types of shades – purples & plums & soft pinks are PERFECTION! We are drawn to these more than any other color combination – plus, they’re super flattering for most eye colors. They’re clearly incredibly pigmented, buttery, creamy & MATTE! Is this not the most perfect spring transition palette?! Imagine the cool, soft looks AND the smokey eyes that could come from this beauty… the possibilities are endless! Of course, the only downside is that some may not see this as an all-in-one palette. Many of us look for at least one shimmery shade to top off the lid with so we may need to dip into another palette or single shade before we’re out the door. But for this palette, we’ll make the sacrifice. It’s too gorgeous!!


Marvelous Mauves


Baked Browns

Dose of Colors: New Lipstick Shades

Step aside liquid lipsticks – traditional stick lip shades are making a comeback! Dose of Colors is launching 3 BRAND NEW lipstick shades TOMORROW, 2.27! These shades are coming just in time for the spring weather we’ve had a taste of lately! They’ll be perfect to transition us into the new season. The shades include Knock on Wood (matte) – a creamy coffee beige shade, Mondaze (matte) – a warm, smokey wine shades & Eggplant (cream) – a creamy, purple hue. You can grab these on Dose of Color’s website – they’ll likely sell for $16 just like their other lipsticks. Check out lip swatches on the gorgeous lip model @itslipsticklizz.  How perfect is she?! And how perfect are these shades?!


Dose of Colors: IMATS Lipsticks


OMG, check out these NEW Dose of Colors cream lipstick shades! We can’t. They’re launching 1.24 @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST. However, if you were at IMATS LA, you probably already got your hands on these. They launched there first! The shades look super creamy and sooooooo on trend for the season. Fig is just speaking to me. Head over to Dose of Colors’ website to grab these on Tuesday!