Colourpop X Karrueche

Colourpop X Karrueche palette.png

WE’VE GOT PART 3 PEOPLE!! Of what, you ask?! Colourpop released their new THIRD collab with Karrueche on TODAY – the FemRosa Collection! The collection consists of a face palette in Her ($15), an eyeshadow palette in She ($16), & a Fem Rosa lip set ($15 – they are also being sold separately for $6).

The She eyeshadow palette consists of 12 shades & truly embodies the rose theme of this launch. This is the softest, most sultry, gorgeous palette like, ever. There aren’t really any super deep shades which lends this palette to be inherently dainty and girly – a perfect, everyday palette! It looks like more than half of the shades are satin or shimmery, but this type of palette kind of calls for that, am I right?? The shades mesh so flawlessly together, too! Ugh! The real question is, though – is this going to drop like it’s HOT like the Yes Please palette?! We will have to wait and see.

The Her face palette includes a blush, bronzer, & highlight – the first palette from CP to include ALL 3 pressed products IN ONE! The highlight is very clearly on the yellowy, gold side (and, in swatches, seems almost too dark for lighter skin tones) so it may not suit everyone. However, it does provide that POP when swatched. The blush is relatively neutral and looks like it would suit most skin tones. The bronzer isn’t very deep which will make it perfect for light to medium skin tones but my deeper tone ladies probably won’t get much use out of that shade. Overall, the trio looks pretty sweet and the packaging is pretty much TO DIE FOR so you can’t really go wrong.

Colourpop X Karrueche Fem rosa

Lastly, we have the lip set which includes 1 Ultra Glossy Lip + 2 Ultra Satin Lip for $6 each. The shades include Mrs. (a deepened coral Ultra Satin), Darling (a deep plum Ultra Satin) & Contessa (a warm gold with hints of pink & golden glitter Ultra Glossy). The tubes are SO FREAKING CUTE! OMG! The font is this adorable almost type-writer style look with a beautiful rose imprinted above it. This is the type of packaging that we have such a hard time resisting! What did you pick up today?!


Colourpop X Karrueche Fem rosa lip collection

Colourpop: Crushed Crystals Collection

Colourpop Crushed Crystals Collection.png

Guys, we are seriously freaking out. CP is about to change the game AGAIN. Colourpop is releasing their new Crushed Crystal Collection on Friday, 7.07 but we don’t even know if we can wait. The collection consists of all NEW priming & setting sprays, liquid highlighters, and lip balms! There are 4 different shades in each (as in, each shade comes in a spray, lip balm & liquid highlighter). There is SO MUCH to tell you about to buckle in and hang tight to your lipgloss.

The Crushed Crystals collection includes:

Aventurine ✨ as I mentioned, this will come in a setting spray, a liquid highlighter AND a lip balm – it’s like a little family! The setting spray is formulated specifically for oily skin & includes coconut water to add tons of hydration (which oily skin still TOTALLY needs!), cucumber water to aid in coming any redness or skin irritation and lemon extract for some vitamin C that your skin will seriously LOVE. It will retail for $6. The highlighter is a warm gold with hellaaaaaa shine and has slight green flecks that pop when your face hits the light just right. This will retail for $9 (a little high for CP, no?). And lastly, the lip balm in Aventurine is a super smooth but kind of crazyyyyy opalescent green with a slight blue shift. These will be $5.

Aquamarine ✨ This setting spray ($6) is made just for dry skin (me!). The red algae extract in it helps improve the healthy supple fullness of your skin while plumping it with hydration while the apple extract adds an extra boost of moisture – plus it smells like grapefruit so YUM! The liquid highlighter ($9) is SUPER BOLD – picture a metallic, frosty blue with a violet undertone. This is a blinding highlight FOR.REAL. The lip balm ($5) also makes a statement with it’s blue tone and violet flip.
Amethyst ✨ Now we have a priming spray – is it just me, or is that kind of a newish thing? I have yet to try one, however I’m sure most setting sprays could be used before makeup too, right?? Anyway, this spray ($6) is made for oily skin, too! It is full of dragonfruit extracts which lend your skin antioxidants it needs to stay strong and also features pomegranate & orange extracts which help soften skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles.  The liquid highlighter ($9) is one of my favs so far – it’s literally purple, guys. It pulls as a bold lavender with some pink reflects but remains very cool toned – it’s dope. The lip balm ($5) is also a lovely but metallic lavender with some blueish violet in it, as well.
#RoseQuartz ✨ Last but absolutely not least is the priming spray ($6) for dry skin. This one has apple extract for that dose of moisture you need before applying makeup as well as grapefruit extract which is packed with antioxidants & vitamins (you skin will thank you later). The highlighter ($9) in this shade made me die – it is STUNNING in every possible sense of the word. It’s a true rose gold with pink sparkle – this one is by far the most wearable and will certainly suit the most skin tones. You are going to be blown away by this one guys. Lastly, the lip balm ($5) is a similar metallic pink & gold duo chrome.

Colourpop Crushed Crystals Collection 3

Now that you know who the fam is, peep these deets:

ALL of these products include ACTUAL CRUSHED CRYSTALS – how luxurious does that sound?! I’ve never really felt that my makeup was missing ground up gems, per say, but now that CP mentions it… this sounds necessary. We haven’t heard much regarding the setting/priming sprays in the way of extending the wear time, so we’ll have to get back to you on that. The lip balms, however, are said to be super lip loving & hella moisturizing – plus they’re super versatile! You can wear them alone OR over lipsticks to add that bomb topper that is all kinds of trendy right now. And, alas, what you are all probably the most excited about – the liquid highlighters. These look truly incredible! They can be mixed with your foundation to add serious glow or can be worn as a traditional highlighter. I know many of us are not into liquid or cream highlighting and contouring but… this might be that product that changes our minds forever.

Each trio (spray, highlighter & balm) will be sold in family bundles for $18 ($20 full price) – not a bad deal if you’re in love with all 3 from one set. Otherwise, feel free to mix & match! Ahhhhh, I can’t even decide what I’m going to pick up – let me know what you guys are thinking – help a girl out!


Colourpop Crushed Crystals Collection 2

Colourpop X IluvSarahii: Pressed Powder Palette & Liquid Lipsticks

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Pressed Powder Palette

We can’t deny it – we LOVE collabs! We have been anticipating this one for WEEKS now & are sooooooo excited to announce that Colourpop is releasing what is possibly one of the most exciting collabs of the summer with ILuvSarahii on Wednesday, 5.24! The collection will include two Pressed Powder Palettes in shade combos Saucey Chic-y & three new Liquid Lipstick shades Mamacita, Curvii, and 951 – let’s get into this.

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Pressed Powder Palette

The packaging of these palettes is where we HAVE to start – those sleeves though! We love them not only for the gorgeous design, but also because they’ll protect the palette itself! We love that! The color combos in each of these palette is AH-MAZING! Saucy is a cool toned mix of pinks & peaches with some really incredible mattes. The palette will feature Heavy Gleam (Metallic), Razy (Matte), Chic Happens (Matte) & Lit (Metallic). Razy is that perfect brownish mauve that we would totally load up all over the crease for a super soft, blow out effect. The Chic-y palette contains slightly more wearable, neutral tones that we are totally falling for. There’s Vivacious (Metallic), Distressed (Matte), Freckles (Matte) & Noche (Matte). Mmm, we know all you matte lovers are drooling now knowing this set is mostly those – how perfect! This is a palette made for every skin ton & every eye color.

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Liquid Lipsticks

Lippies are always the highlight of CP collections – these are no exception! Each shade comes in a different formula & includes as matching Lippie Pencil! We have Curvii in the Ultra Glossy formula ($6)951 in the Ultra Satin Formula ($6) and Mamacita in the Ultra Matte formula ($6)! These are literally blowing our minds they’re THAT stunning: Mamacita is a suuuuuuper deep burgundy wine shade. This may not scream SUMMER at the top of its lungs, but we can get down with vampy lips any time of year. Plus, we love that they chose this to be the matte shade – there’s something about a crazy deep, matte shade that we can’t resist. 951 is the mid-toned, pinkish mauve nude. This one is your wear everyday, everywhere lip, for real. And you already know Ultra Satin is my jammmmmmm so I’m all over this one like Jefree Star is on his hunky man candy. Lastly, we have the Ultra Glossy lip in Curvii that literally everyone will adore! This peachy nude goes flawlessly with nearly any lip! The formula of these is so pigmented that you could even wear it on it’s own! Imagine it toped of 951 – I see my new fav lip combo coming up!

If the above swatches aren’t enough or if you’re just dying to see more of this awesome collab, Sarahii did a full swatch and overview video on her YouTube channel – check it out below!


Colourpop X Sonya Esman

Colourpop x Sonya Esman

We’re totally due for a NEW Colourpop collab, am I right?! They know and that’s just what we’re getting – Colourpop is releasing their newest collaboration with Sonya Esman tomorrow, Friday 5.05! This collection includes some seriously beautiful stuff, guys. We’ve got a collection within the collection – the Perk of Being a Wildflower Mini On The Go Collection includes a totally BRAND NEW PRODUCT for Colourpop: 3 Mini Matte Multi Stix! As you may have guessed, these versatile vixens can be used in multiple ways; on the cheeks, on the lips & even on the eyes! You name it, you can use it for that. This launch also features a new Mini Lip Primer (we don’t know for sure yet if this will be any different than the full sized lip primer already available).

Colourpop x Sonya Esman swatches 2

Next, prepare for the Here Comes The Sun Super Shock Cheek Duo palette – yes, you read that right. Super. Shock. Cheek. Duo. PALETTE! This is the first of its kind! And it looks absolutely stunning – the duo will include a warm, peachy, creamy blush shade & a sheer, luminous golden highlighter shade. This is literally the perfect paid, omg. And finally, we’ll get the Gemni By Night Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette. Now these… these are something. Those swatches are so so pigmented & creamy! The shade selection is one that I’m not sure any of us can resist – this is the most fabulous, wearable quad that will work flawless on any eye color or skin tone! That shimmery pink & that deep milk chocolate are kind of speaking to me right now…  As you can tell, we had to relied heavily on @Trendmood1 for these collages that they put together with sneak peeks that were featured on Colourpop’s snapchat today! Some heads up we got, huh?! Don’t forget – Colourpop is featuring FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders right now, no minimum purchase required! WOOOOOOOW! We aren’t sure if that promo will continue into tomorrow when this launches, but if it does, you now have like, double the reason to pick this up (as if you needed more convincing…)


Colourpop x Sonya Esman swatches

Colourpop: Phase 3 Sand Collection

Colourpop Phase 3 Sand Collection.PNG

Just when we thought Colourpop was done, they have yet another spring release for us this Friday, 3.24! Check out Phase 3 of their #SprungOnColourpop Monochromatic look in Sand. In case you missed them, Phase 1 was Nectar and Phase 2 was PinkEach release centers around a single hue in various shades and of course, this edition is all of our neutral, creamy beige shades. The collection includes Heavy Hitter, an eyeshadow palette consisting of three matte shades Full Zip, Side Tracked and Top Notch, and one metallic shade Ringer.

Colourpop Phase 3 Sand Collection Heavy Hitter Swatches

There is also another blush & highlighter combo (which we LOVE) in Double Play which includes the shades Getting Handsy (blush) and Padded Down (highlighter).

Colourpop Phase 3 Sand Collection Double Play Swatches

And we can’t forget the OG pearlized Super Shocker Shadow’s – there will be the shade Super Hard Core and Reversible. Plus, they always make sure we get some single shadows to add to our Zpalettes! This time we have Ego (a super shimmery copper), Conundrum (a creamy, cool brown), and Boxer (a deep, metallic chocolate brown).

Colourpop Phase 3 Sand Collection Swatches

Obviously, we saved the best for last – the LIPPIES! We’ve got two Ultra Matte Lips coming our way in Embellish and Knotty as well as two Ultra Satin Lips Strip and Strut.

Colourpop Phase 3 Sand Collection Ultra Lip Swatches.PNG

@Monique Lynn got her hands on the collection early and put out a super awesome video giving swatches and her first impressions. We’ve embedded the video below, and as always, you can sign up for our email list to be notified when it is released Friday!



Colourpop: Done Deal & Belle of the Ball Pressed Powder Palettes

Colourpop Done Deal Belle of the Ball Pressed Powder Palette.PNG

Phase 2 of Colourpop’s Monochromatic release theme is coming at us tomorrow, 3.17 @ 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST! The collection is all about PINK this time! It will include a NEW pressed blush & highlighter duo in Done Deal, a super cute eye shadow palette in Belle of the Ball (which includes Fair Play, Secrets, Soft Core & On the Fence) and a few single shadows in Pebbles (a satin pink with yellow undertones), Labyrinth (a warm dusty pink) and Poodle (a matte vibrant pink)! There’s even a Super Shock Highlighter in Forget Me Not! And we can’t forget the LIPPIES: There’s Birdy Creme Lippie Stick (a warm baby pink), Chandelier (ultra satin in a salmon pink), Love Muffin (ultra satin in a soft, pastel pink – this one is a repromote!) and Fresh Cut (ultra matte in a pink with blue undertones). Phase 1 revolved around Nectar orange hues & we are so excited they went pink this time! There seems to be a bit more contrast between these shades than there were in the Nectar collection which is exactly what we were hoping for! More swatches to come!


Colourpop: Nectar Spring Collection

Colourpop Nectar.PNG

We’re here to get you even MORE excited for spring than you already are! And what better way to do that than to bring you the newest collections?! Colourpop is releasing NEW pressed shadows, liquid lipsticks, a blush and highlighter duo, and hippie sticks TOMORROW, 3.10! We are obsessed with Colourpop… period but especially their pressed shadows! The palette shown here features three satins and one matte shadow. UGH, these shades are giving us spring feels! Check out the swatches below – Take a Break is definitely our favorite! All the shades across these new products are certainly a fit for spring but also definitely adhere to the peachy theme Colourpop is rolling with (Nectar, get it??). Everything will be released tomorrow 3.10 at 10am pst/1pm est. We would love to hear what everyone’s opinion is of this collection! We know you all love Colourpop just as much as we do!


Update: So here is the full breakdown of the nectar collection! We’ve also included some of Kathleen Lights (because we adore her <3) youtube reviews of similar Colourpop products so you can get a sense of the quality if  you are considering picking some of these up!

There are three Ultra Satin Lipstick and one Matte Lipstick: Likely, Exaggerated, Jacquard, and The Twirl.

Two Lippie Pencils and Lippie Stix in shade Oversized, and Faded.

Colourpop Nectar Lip Pencil and Lippie Stix.PNG

Five individual pressed powders and a pressed powder palette called Blow Me Away, and a blush/highlighter duo called The Knockout.

And finally three Super Shock Shadows called Going Rogue, Flipper, and One by One.