How to INSTANTLY Access Hundreds of Affiliate Programs!


CALLING ALL MAKEUP/BEAUTY BLOGGERS!! As a follow up to our list of the many many many Makeup/Beauty related affiliate programs there are to take advantage of, we wanted to take a minute to post a quick guide on how to quickly and easily access many of these programs so you can start monetizing your great writing!

The key to this is a service called VigLink. Their main claim to fame is that they provide an automated affiliate link creator. Now that might sound confusing but basically what it does is it sits in the background of your website and scans any and all links you may post to see if there are opportunities to add affiliate links. If it finds, for example, a link to then it will swap out the regular link with an affiliate link! VigLink does this by having pre-established affiliates with thousands of companies (often at better commission rates than normal).


Pretty neat stuff! But this awesome feature may not be a perfect fit for us Beauty Bloggers because we want to have better control of when we affiliate link (and for many of us this would be too hard or simply not possible to implement). Don’t you worry though, we’ve got the solution!

How to affiliate with hundreds of Company’s quickly!

1. Sign up for VigLink.

Simple enough, CLICK HERE, and follow the directions for signing up as a publisher.

2. Add your Campaign

Go to the top tap under Manage -> Account. Click the button “Add A Campaign”

viglink campaign

3. Find company you want to create affiliate link for.

Go to the Merchants tab and start browsing! Here’s a list of 30 makeup brands to get you started, however there are many many more!

  1. All Beauty
  2. Avon
  3. Beauty Bakerie
  4. Beauty Encounter
  5. Beauty Trends
  6. Benefit
  7. BH Cosmetics
  8. Black Opal
  9. Blissworld
  10. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  11. Carols Daughter
  12. Cult Beauty
  13. Deco Miami Cosmetics
  14. Elizabeth Arden
  15. e.l.f.
  16. Fabriah
  17. Fountain Cosmetics
  18. Giorgio Armani Beauty
  19. Harrods
  20. Johnny Concert
  21. Marc Jacobs
  22. Sally Beauty
  23. Sephora
  24. Sigma Beauty
  25. Stila cosmetics
  26. Tatcha
  27. Ulta
  28. Urban Decay
  29. Void Beauty
  30. Zest Beauty

Once you find the one you are interested in, just click on it!

viglink ulta.png

This is what the merchant page will look link. Important things to note:

  • The green check mark shows that our Campaign is approved, it may sometimes say needs approval or not approved.
  • Countries Accepted – this shows which countries the affiliate will generate commission for.

4. Create the affiliate link!

Next you take the URL from the Ulta page you want to turn into an affiliate link and paste it into the “Check approval with Ulta Beauty” box and then click Check

Viglink ulta example

Next it will give you the Affiliated URL. This is your affiliate link! Now you can just click the Copy button and you are ready to go!

Finishing Thoughts

Overall we’ve had a great experience with VigLink. They do take a small cut of your commissions but in many cases it’s worth it since we small bloggers don’t get access to many affiliate programs otherwise. Another downside is that they pay net-60, which means that they send you the money on Paypal 60 days after the commission is registered. Also, don’t fret if sales are not showing up instantly, their dashboard can be kind of slow to show sales, but that mainly depends on which company that affiliate sale was for.

We hope this was helpful! Let us know what you thought and if we should do more of these posts in the future!

Vanity Planet Cue Curling Wand, Zuzu Luxe & Gabriel Cosmetics – First Impressions

GUYS! We’re on YOUTUBE! We are so excited to bring you MakeupFomo’s very first video! We got some really cool products that we just HAD to share with you and what better way than to actually try them out on camera so that you can see them in action?! The video covers most of my thoughts so watch that for sure! But here, I’ll give you a bit more insight & a few more thoughts.


This baby is the STAR of the show – I am IN LOVE with this Cue Clipless Curling Wand from Vanity Planet! I haven’t used one quite this good in like… ever. My curls last frizz-free for 4 DAYS with this thing. 4 DAYS! It’s so sleek looking so it fits right in on your vanity or bathroom counter and it’s super lightweight so your arm never gets weighed down or over-tired from holding it up! I have sooooooooo much more to rave about this want but you’ll have to see the video for that. However, I do have one more little thing for you – and by little, I mean HUGE! For a limited time, you can get 50% off with code 3JHQS14J7Q75! That makes this $50 only $25! That’s unreal for the quality this wand brings to the table. Click below to check it out and save yourself some cash!



I hadn’t tried anything out from Gabriel Cosmetics before filming this video so I had no idea what to expect! I didn’t get a chance to try the shadows in the Aura Palette in the video just because I had two others I wanted to try (see below) but I’ve since played around with them a bit and they aren’t bad! Definitely not the most creamy formula to the touch, but the color payoff is really decent and I just LOVE these shades. Doesn’t this just make you think spring and Easter?! The highlight and blush are what really make this palette SO SO worth it! I have worn the blush every day since trying it out and the highlight is seriously one of my new favorites! These are incredibly pigmented but blend so well into the skin that you don’t have to worry about over-applying. The highlight is veryyyyyyyy glowy, though, which I love but I know not everyone can get down with. The applicators suck so just throw those away, but the rest of the palette is lovely. Plus that mirror is HUGE! So so perfect for travel.

The lipstick, on the other hand, had just one downside for me – the smell. It just really smelt strongly of chemicals – you know that just super makeup-y smell?! This has that. The color is sooooooo pretty & it feels super comfortable on the lips, though, so it also has alot going for it! But if you’re sensitive to strong scents, this might walk that line for you.



These Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow Palettes in Combat & Ammunition were reallllyyyy big hits! They are so compact & just adorable, but the shades seriously pack a punch! I wish I would have swatched the shades I didn’t use on my eyed in the video on my hand or arm to give you an idea of the pigmentation – but let me tell you, it is REAL! I love how the colors coordinate in each quad and they each hold their own on the lid. Even the brush that comes with it is actually useful – rare, I know. The mirrors are way to small to really even use so they’re slightly pointless, but that doesn’t change my thoughts too much (especially considering that HUGE mirror on the Aura Palette). I definitely think these are worth checking out – especially if you’re just starting off in building your makeup collection and need some basics to get you going!


Overall, these products were definitely wins. Each had a bunch of pros and at least one or two cons, but I think they all really perform well when applied – isn’t that what we really want, after all? Feel free to click the links provided to check them out OR shoot us over any questions you may have! Also, give us feedback on the video! We know it’s our first one so there are certainly some rough edges we can continue to learn to smooth, but we had SO MUCH fun filming it – we will totally do more! Let us know what you think!


Monthly Sephora Giftcard Giveaway!


All of us here at MakeupFOMO are SUPER excited to announce that we are starting a monthly giveaway contest for our loyal readers & subscribers! The terms of the giveaway are (super easy) as follows:

To be eligible you must:

  1. Subscribe to our Email List.
  2. Like us on Facebook.
  3. That’s it.

Pretty simple, huh? This is our way of giving back to those who support our little passion project. The winner will be chosen on the last day of each month.

What is the email list about?

Well, that’s a totally great question. Our goal is to cure you of your Makeup FOMO (fear of missing out) so we have an email subscription you sign up to be a part of in which we notify you of new product launches on the day they are released. That way, you’ll never have to fear missing out on any limited edition releases or hot-selling new products! You’ll thank yourself, really.


137 Beauty & Makeup Affiliate Programs!

So you want to monetize your beauty blog?

You’ve come to the right place!

If you run your own beauty blog and you’re pouring your heart (and money) into creating super awesome content, it would really help if you could make a little money off the sales you drive, right? Well the beauty industry is huge and there are just so many different brands out there, and how do you know which brands even have affiliate programs? Well luckily for you, we here at Makeup FOMO have done extensive research to  find each and every brand that has an affiliate program so you know the quickest, easiest way to start monetizing your passion!

Our list below is probably the most exhaustive list of Makeup & Cosmetics related affiliate programs, however even we know this list isn’t complete. We continually find more new brands so we will be updating this list as we find them. Also, many brands only do affiliates on a more personal level, so you’ll have to email the brands directly and discuss the possibility of creating that relationship.

In the list below you’ll find reference to where each brands affiliate program is most easily accessed. The majority of the list is covered by the following Affiliate Networks:

  1. ShareaSale
  2. Vigilink
  3. Linkshare
  4. Refersion
  5. Pepperjam
  6. Commission Junction
  7. Impact Radius

If a certain brand you’re looking for is not on the list below it is likely they do not have an affiliate program, however it doesn’t hurt to google Brand Name + Affiliate Program just to be sure. If you find one that’s not on the list below, let us know in the comments!

Brand Name Affiliate Program
100% Pure Shareasale
AHAVA Linkshare
All Beauty VigLink
Amore Pacific Linkshare
Antonym Cosmetics Shareasale
Au Naturale Cosmetics Shareasale
Avene USA Linkshare
Avon VigLink
Ayla Shareasale
Baby Quasar Linkshare
Bardou Linkshare
Bare Minerals Pepperjam
Beauty Bakerie VigLink
Beauty Brands Linkshare
Beauty Bridge Linkshare
Beauty Care Choices Pepperjam
Beauty Con Pepperjam
Beauty Encounter VigLink
Beauty Plus Salon Linkshare
Beauty Trends VigLink
Beautylish Shareasale
Benefit VigLink
Besame Cosmetics Shareasale
BH Cosmetics Linkshare
Black Opal VigLink
Blissworld VigLink
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics VigLink
Borderlinx Linkshare
Butter London Shareasale
Carols Daughter VigLink
Chrislie Pepperjam
Ciate London Their Own
Clinique Linkshare
Coastal Scents Shareasale
Colleen Rothschild Beauty Linkshare
Cosmetic America Linkshare
Crown Brush Their Own
Cult Beauty VigLink
D Benoit Cosmetics Their Own
Derma Doctor Linkshare
DHC Beauty Linkshare
e.l.f. Linkshare
Ecco Bella Shareasale
Elizabeth Arden VigLink
Estee Lauder UK Linkshare
Estee Lauder US Linkshare
Fabriah VigLink
Fitglow Beauty Shareasale
Flower Beauty Shareasale
Fountain Cosmetics Viglink
Furless Cosmetics Their Own
Gabriel Cosmetics Shareasale
Gerard Cosmetics Their Own
Giorgio Armani Beauty VigLink
Girlactik Cosmetics Shareasale
Glossier Linkshare
Grande Cosmetics Pepperjam
H20+ Pepperjam
Happy Farm Botanicals Linkshare
Harrods VigLink
Illamasqua Affilinet
Jacqueline Deviante Their Own
Jane Affiliates Shareasale
Johnny Concert VigLink
Josie Maran Pepperjam
Juice Beauty Linkshare
Julep Shareasale
June Jacobs Linkshare
Kaplan MD Skincare Linkshare
Karity Shareasale
Kat Von D Linkshare
Kate Somerville Pepperjam
Katherine Cosmetics Pepperjam
Kiko Milano Pepperjam
Kiss and Makeup Shareasale
Klorane Linkshare
LA Spalsh Cosmetics Their own
Lancome Flexoffers
Laneige Linkshare
Laura Geller Beauty Linkshare
Laura Mercier Linkshare
Leaders Cosmetics Shareasale
Lena Lashes Affiliatly
LipLand Their Own
Liz Early Linkshare
Lord & Taylor Linkshare
Love Lula Pepperjam
Luxie Beauty Their Own
Makeup Geek Their Own
Marc Jacobs VigLink
MD-Factor Linkshare
MemeBox Linkshare
Michael Todd Beauty Linkshare
Molly Cosmetics Refersion
Mommy Makeup Shareasale
MyChelle Dermaceudicals Linkshare
NA-KD Linkshare
NARS Pepperjam
Naturally Better You Linkshare
Ole Henriksen Linkshare
Omorovicza Linkshare
Outer Beauty Cosmetics Linkshare
OZ Naturals Linkshare
Percy & Reed Product Linkshare
Peter Thomas Roth Linkshare
Philosophy USA Commission Junction
Pixi Beauty Shareasale
Planet Beauty Shareasale
PUR Commission Junction
Pur~lisse Pepperjam
Real Her Shareasale
Sally Beauty VigLink
Saucebox Refersion
Sephora Viglink
Shany Cosmetics Linkshare
Sigma Beauty VigLink
Sleek Studio Their Own
Smashbox Linkshare
Smashbox UK Linkshare
Stila cosmetics VigLink
Stowaway Cosmetics Commission Junction
Sugarpill Email Them
Sulwhasoo Linkshare
Tarte Cosmetics Pepperjam
Tatcha VigLink
Tempty Linkshare
Too Faced Impact Radius
Ulta VigLink
Urban Decay Viglink
Urban Decay Canada Pepperjam
Vanity Planet Linkshare
Vera Mona Refersion
Void Beauty VigLink
WEI East Linkshare
Yves Rocher Commission Junction
Zest Beauty VigLink

Makeup FOMO’s Top 3 – March 2017

You may be a little thrown off by the title of this post – it’s not a product launch! Weird! But that’s the idea. This is going to be more like a product launch ROUNDUP! Here, we’ll summarize what our FAV launches were from last month. If you all enjoy these summary-type posts, we can totally keep doing them! Just let us know.

OFRA Nikkie Tutorials Collab

First, we MUST talk about the Nikkie Tutorials X OFRA launch. This dropped right at the end of the month but may have been one of the most anticipated! Most of you have probably seen your favorite YouTubers talk about it at some point over the past few weeks, right?! It hit the internet by storm, as anything by Nikkie does. And most of the reviews were raves, of course! Did you guys pick up the collection?! Let us know! If not, check out some of the reviews below if you need help making up your mind.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Collection

Next, we HAVE to talk about the Marc Jacob’s Coconut Glow Collection. Mostly, we just love the idea of a whole collection that smells like coconuts. What is more perfect for putting us in the spring/summer mood?! (As if we aren’t in that mood already…) The packaging is so sleek (as we’ve come to expect from Marc) and the products look incredible! We haven’t heard a whole lot of feedback, but we have heard is fantastic! Specifically, everyone is loving the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. I mean, are we even surprised the highlighter is the most sought after item?? Not all at. Let us know if you got our hands on any of the items in the collection!


Lastly, and possibly the most exciting, was the release of the first phase of Colourpop’s Monochromatic series, the Nectar CollectionTo be totally honest, we were a little hesitant when we first saw the initial photos pop up online – all the shades looked just the same! But once we saw them watched & applied, we totally changed our minds (as women do, obv). We LOVE it! Honestly, we have been prettyyyyyyyyy stoked on all of the monochromatic collections so far! But the warm tones all over the Nectar launch had us feeling some type of way. Plus, they’re just SO SPRINGY! Thegirlshaexo did an awesome live swatch video (she is the queen of live swatches) of this collection, you’ve got to see it!

That will wrap up this post for now! Of course, we totally loved other launches this month (we’re looking at you, LA Splash) but we wanted to narrow it down to give you guys some things to think about if you were contemplating treating yo self! You totally won’t regret giving these a go!


MakeupFOMO on Social Media!


Hi everyone! We just wanted to take a quick second to highlight each of our social media accounts – we wanna chat with you there, too! We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

We use Facebook & our email subscriber list to notify people at the exact time when products are released so if you’re interested in getting a heads up when the latest product is available, catch us there! Following our social media pages will ensure you all know FIRST when new products launch, you lucky ducks!

Be sure to leave your social media in the comments if you want us to check it out – We’d LOVE to follow you back ❤



Makeup Product Release Calendar

Makeup Product Release Calendar

MakeupFOMO is the home of the one & only Makeup Product Release Calendar! We’ve gotten a ton of new subscribers recently (thank you!!) so we wanted to ensure everyone has seen what we think is probably THE coolest feature on our site. We aggregate ALL launches across tons of makeup and beauty brands in one easy-to-read calendar. There is nothing else like this on the internet! We promise! We are the first & only ones grind it out & put in the hard work necessary to keep an up-to-date record of all release information.

How do we get all this info about upcoming makeup releases?

We currently cover 100+ makeup brands, ranging from high end to drugstore & everything in between. We stalk Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, & email subscriptions for each & every one of these brands to make sure this calendar is current at all times. Over time we hope to build relationships with these brands in order provide our subscribers with the BEST info about upcoming makeup product releases.

Make sure to check back daily so that you don’t miss out!