Happy Saturday, lovlies! Over here in New Jersey, it’s suddenly super chilly & overcast outside (it turned into September and someone instantly hit the “IT’S FALL” switch over NJ), but we are brightening the day up with a NEW VIDEO! In this one, I give the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette a whirl – I know what you’re thinking & we knowwwww everyone has been talking about it but that’s for a reason! A good or bad one?? You’ll have to watch the video to see my honest review! Plus, I also included some dupes/alternatives and also show my getting-ready routine with you, too! I had so much fun putting this video together and we hope you LOVE watching it! Have you tried this palette out yet?! Let us know your thoughts because, as always, we are so so curious. And, also as always, we would love if you subscribed to our YouTube channel to support the FOMOfam!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Glow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow Swatches 3.png

Anastasia Beverly Hills is hitting us with MORE! And we love more. On the same day as the release of the Subculture Eyeshadow Palette, our love ABH is also dropping some brand new Liquid Glow Highlighters – this is TOMORROW, Tuesday, 7.25! This highlighter line will come in four shades: Peach Fizz, Oyster, Bronzed, & Perla and will retail for $25 each. Just like the palette, these will only be available tomorrow on the ABH website but will arrive on retailer’s websites on 8.1 and land in stores on 8.15.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow Swatches.png

Liquid highlighters (just like cream contours) are definitely one of those hit-or-miss type steps for most, ya know? Either you LOVE em or you couldn’t care less about them. For that that dig em, these will TOTALLY be your new cup of  tea. The 4 shades, while very run-of-the-mill-to-be-expected, are STUNNING! They aren’t the slightest bit glittery but, rather, a cool creamy luminous glowing finish that will melt into your skin and seem to be emerging from beneath it instead of sitting on top of it. YES, please. The tones also seem like they would work for most skin tones, depending on how they’re applied. These even look creamy & versatile enough to be mixed in with your foundation or even moisturizer to add a lovely sheen to your makeup base! With these colors & that type of multi-purpose functionality, these might make even the non-liquid-highlighter-lovers a believer.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

We are not even joking when we say this is the MOST EXCITING release of 2017! That’s a big statement, right?! We mean it. Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing this absolutely beautttiifulllllllllll SO STUNNING Subculture Palette TOMORROW, Tuesday, 7.25 on ABH’s website & the on Sephora’s, Dillards’, Macy’s and Ulta’s websites on 8.1 (it’ll begin to show up in stores on 8.15)! It will retail for $42.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Swatches

We are SHOOK. And we don’t even say “shook” but that’s the only way to describe how we feel. Considering how diehard we are for the Modern Renaissance, it’s fitting we would swoon over it’s new sister. It even rocks the same luxurious (but eventually filthy) velvet outer packaging, but this time in a deep teal! The Subculture palette is almost all matte aside from 2 shimmer shades, leaving us with a total of 11 total matte shades – this is what is going to draw many people to this palette, right?? Personally, I’m a huge fan of   more glistening shades so I wouldn’t mind a ratio that leans slightly more in the shimmer direction, but I’m falling in love with this nonetheless.

The theme here is totally deeper, darker, cooler & a bit sexier, honestly. Though there are a few warm tones and a few pops of brighter, creamy shades, the palette leans cool and dark which is such a nice switch up from alot of the palettes we’ve seen lately! Some people have questioned the color selection but we think it’s unique – the makeup industry is DESPERATE for creativity & fresh, new concepts. THAT IS THIS. You can also look at it almost as if the palette is made up of quads in complementing shades; see below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.30.43 PM

Makes perfect sense, right?! Maybe it’s just me, but ABH can do no wrong in our eyes when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. The Modern Renaissance is my HOLY GRAIL to this day – the formula is like no other. I.promise.you. The shadows are suuuuuuper finely milled (which does mean quite a bit of kick up in the pans) but they blend flawlessly and last on the eyes for like, ever. The pigmentation is actually insane yet the colors apply smoothly & consistently so the level of color payoff isn’t daunting. I know you don’t need me to talk this up cause you’re probably already SHOOK too, but I thought I’d wax poetic for a moment in honor of my fav eyeshadow formula and brand. Who else NEEDS this in order to survive life?? Let us know!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Summer Lip Glosses

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss 3

This post is rounding out the many stunning releases Anastasia Beverly Hills has coming at us as part of their 2017 Summer Collection on Tuesday, 5.16 to ABH’s website (Check out their new single shades & blush trio, too!). The lippie line in this collection is extra bold & extra beautiful! It includes 10 NEW lip glosses!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Swatches

This collection has such a wide variety of shades & finishes! The colors range from deep burgundys like Maple Rum, to your subtle, soft pinks like St. Tropez Caramel, to warm peaches like Amber Parfait to light, shimmery top coats like Moon Jelly Girly – we could go on and on! It seems as though the majority of these high insanely high pigmentation and can totally be worn all on their own! Lip glosses are one of the best summer lip products – they’re easy, light & super low-maintenance! Plus, with these shades, you could make a huge lip statement with just one swipe! We’ve added @Shaaanxo’s old video of previous ABH lip gloss swatches so you can get a sense for the quality & application! These will be available ONLY on ABH’s site on 5.16 & then at Sephora, Ulta, Macys, and Dillards on 6.13 (and eventually in stores on 6.23)!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Blush Trio Palettes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Palettes.JPG

OMG guys, Anastasia Beverly Hills has soooooo many great releases coming as part of their Summer Collection next week! On Tuesday, 5.16 they are launching their new Blush Trio Palettes (check out the lip gloss and single shadows as well)! These trio palettes come in five different shade combos: Betty Adore, Pool Party, Peachy Love, Pink Passion, and Cocktail Party. First of all, these are like the cutest, most summery shade names ever. We seriously ADORE it! With those names, it’s definitely summer time! Blush trios aren’t something we see released everyday – this is kind of unique! ABH is good at that, though. The combinations are truly fabulous. Each combination is super cohesive and can totally be mixed together to create custom shades OR can be used on their own! Plus they’re super compact so they’ll be ideal for your summer travel plans! That way, you’ll have the convenience of three blush options in one tiny compact!

Each palette will be $30 and will be permanent additions to the brand! They will be available on ABH’s website on 5.16 and then at Sephora, Ulta, Macys, and Dillards on 6.13 (and then in those stores on 6.23!) That’s probably a lot to remember, but don’t worry! If you join our email list, we’ll shoot you an email on both dates to remind you!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Palettes 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Single Eye Shadows

Anastasia Beverly Hills New Single Eyeshadows.JPG

ABH was first known for their brow products but now, years later, all I can think of when I think Anastasia is EYESHADOW! This brand does shadow like no other – with that being said, we are like, soooooooo stoked for this launch. On ABH’s website on Tuesday, 5.16, they are releasing their Summer Collection, which includes 12 NEW Single Eyeshadow shades (these shades will only be available through their online retailers such as Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s Dillards on 6.13 and will later arrive in stores on 6.23)! Here’s an overview of these beauties in the photo above:

  • Top row left-to-right: Golden Copper, Realgar*, Rose Gold, Brick, and Vermeer*.
  • Middle: Tigers Eye, Enchanted, Gemstone, and Sunset
  • Bottom: Ballet, Venice, and Love Letter*

Now check this out: some of the shades that are now being released as single shades were originally in their Modern Renaissance palette (we’ve marked those shades with a *). This is BRILLIANT, don’t you think?! This is great for those that may have only been interested in certain shades in the MR palette but didn’t necessarily want to commit to the full palette & is also PERFECT for those that hit pan on certain shades in the palette and are looking to repurchase that specific shade rather than having to buy an entire second palette!


The Modern Renaissance palette is likely the most beloved palette of all time – we bet most of you have at least heard of it if not actually own it (I have it and literally cannot ever put it down… like I sleep with it under my pillow…. hehe, jokes) so we’ve added our girl @Kathleen Light’s tutorial/review of the Modern Renaissance palette below so you can get her opinions on some of these ABH eyeshadows and see how they perform (hint: you’ll fall in love)! ABH shadows are literally the best eyeshadows out there on the market – money can’t buy you more pigmentation or creamier powders. They do have quite a bit of kick-up but that’s only because they’re so incredibly finely milled. This collection has INCREDIBLE selection! The sparkly Gemstone shade is so unique, right?! And Venice would be sooooooo pretty under the lash line on some bronzey skin! If you haven’t tried ABH shadows, this is your chance!


Anastasia Beverly Hills New Single Eyeshadows 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Liquid Lipstick Shades 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Liquid Lipstick Shades

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks have had a cult following ever since they joined the liquid lipstick game! And now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, they’re dropping 6 NEW shades on 2.14!! There is clearly no theme here – these colors range from deep red to neutral pink to grey purple and even green! These are shades from ABH like we’ve never seen them before!

The shades also have incredible names – there’s Tulip (the true red), Currant (the burgundy wine), Poet (the deep, neutral nude), Dazed (the burnt organe), Requiem (the shimmery emerald green), and Clover (the grayish purple).

I KNOWWW Clover is speaking my name right now! How gorgeous are these?! We’ve included a ton of photos in this post because these colors are just straight eye candy! Which shades do you like best?!