Butterflies in the winter? Why not?! Colourpop is launching their new Butterfly Collection on Thursday, 11.21! This adorable little collection includes an Eyeshadow Palette ($18), Super Shock Shadows ($6 each), Jelly Much Shadows ($8 each), Lux Blur Lippies ($7.50 each), a Lux Blur Lip Bundle ($34) & a Pixie Puff Highlighter ($16). That’s a lot to launch but we are sooooo here for this color story right now.



Okay except now I’m confused – tell me the eyeshadow palette right here above these words in the photo and then the eyeshadow palette in the very first photo at the top of this articles are the same… They low-key look almost nothing alike. The image at the top makes it seem like a super cool-toned mauvey sultry kind of palette but this photo right here doesn’t look anything like that. It looks way more neutral and  there’s like, not even one mauve shade here. I’m very confused which one is closer to the real thing. I was literally about to say I NEED this palette because grayish purpleish pinky mauves are 100% my favorite colors to wear on the eyes (and on the lips, too, actually) so basically its like my favorite makeup color and the more palettes I can get where that is the primary color story, the better! Especially when it’s Colourpop which means the quality is way high but the price is way low. But now I’m really unsure if this is my dream palette after all. I do love the packaging and all of the glitter, though. The theme is cute in general however I feel like maybe this would have been better saved for a spring launch? I’m going to need to watch some videos about this guy to see what the real shadows look like before I make up my mind.



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