Morphe is coming in hot for the holidays! They are launching their Electric Nights Collection on Thursday, 11.07! This is a big big collection so hold tight. The whole collection includes the 39L Hit The Lights Eyeshadow Palette ($42), Kiss List 6-Piece Lip Collection ($29), 25 Ways to Glam Brush + Sponge Collection ($89), Glance Party 12-Piece Eye Brush Collection + Bag ($29), Pump Up the Glam 8-Piece Brush Collection + Bag ($79), Eye Need It Brush Collection ($15) & Continuous Setting Mist ($16).



Well, DAMN. This is a collection if I’ve ever seen one. And I’m kind of shook because this is probably the first holiday launch I’ve seen that actually gives me holiday vibes! Hats off to Morphe for that! I mean, I feel like there are two types of “holiday vibes” that a collection should emanate – either the classic reds and greens and maybe blues (aka the real Christmas-y colors) OR something super glittery and glam and New Year’s Eve-themed. This one definitely seems to fit more into the latter category but would also totally work for a Christmas and even Thanksgiving look, too! It has that balance between shimmer & matte, bright pops of color & neutrals, to work for a variety of occasions! And obviously we are only talking about the eyeshadow palette right now as that’s kind of the star of the show IMO and also eyeshadow palettes are just my fav so I can’t resist. But the whole collection has truly stunning packaging. This multi-colored and multidimensional quartz look is just stunning & so unique! I could honestly be talked into purchasing this just for the packaging alone (I’m a sucker like that).


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