Pretty Fresh drops! Colourpop is launching NEW additions to their Pretty Fresh collection with Concealers on Monday, 11.05!  There will be 30 shades of these creamy, lightweight, full coverage concealers for just $9 each. These are all oil free and seem to be ideal for just about any skin type.



This is one new product that I definitely have my eye on for sure. The existing Colourpop concealer is one of my absolute favorites! Is this one going to give that a run for it’s money?? I have yet to try the new Pretty Fresh Foundation but I have heard nothing but good things about it so far. The shade range looks enormous, too! I mean there is hellaaaaa light but also super deep, too. Don’t these seem a little small in these photos, though? I wonder if these are like photos of minis in a PR set or if this is the actual size of the bottles and maybe it just appears smaller than it is in the image? Either way, I really do love the simple but girly packaging! But I’m skeptical as this seems to contradict the foundation a bit, doesn’t it? Isn’t that product a bit more of a sheer to medium coverage type of product? Yet this concealer claims to be full coverage. I also think (correct me if I’m wrong) that the current Colourpop concealer is ALSO a full coverage concealer, as well. At least, on me it is. So it kind of makes me wonder what makes this one different from that one? I guess we will need to test it out to know for sure!



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