Brand launch! WOOOOO! Tati is finally launching her makeup brand, Tati Beauty on Friday, 10.25! The first product launch will be a eyeshadow palette called Textured Neutrals Vol. 1! The palette feature 6 different tones and 4 different textures!



We should have guessed that Tati would launch an eyeshadow palette first and foremost, right?? I wouldn’t have expected anything else! I always get nervous when YouTubers launch a new brand, though, only because we’ve seen this kind of thing flop SO MANY times (or maybe not flop but just turn into DRAMA aka Jaclyn Hill & Laura Lee, for example) and we all know Tati has had a ton of drama and scandal associated with her over the years, including surrounding her supplement company Halo Beauty. But with only one product launching for the brand release, there isn’t much to see or talk about yet. But we are looking forward to reviews and a full reveal! I can’t imagine Tati would launch anything less than perfect so I have VERY high hopes for this bad boy. What are y’all’s thoughts on Tati’s latest venture??



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