YEP, another new collab from ABH! Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching their new collab with Carli Bybel on Monday, 10.07! So far it seems that the collab is only this gorgeous new 14 shade eyeshadow palette that will cost $45. It’s got a different look and vibe than other palettes we’ve seen from ABH but the layout is pretty standard. Isn’t it about time we saw this collaboration?? I feel like this was a long time coming.



But despite this being a collab that we probably could have predicted, I’m not sure how excited many of us are for this one. I’ve seen some chatter 0n the inter web and I’m going to throw my two cents in, too. I’ll start by saying I’m really not a huge fan of this palette in general. I think the design of the front of the palette is cheap looking. And then when it comes to the shades inside, I’m bored. I just don’t see anything exciting and honestly some of the shades look reallyyyyyy similar, like too similar to have both in the same palette. And honestly, the crux of this issue is this: ABH is kind of diluting itself. And by that I mean, it’s trying to do too much. It’s starting to seem like ABH is the new Colourpop! They are launching a new palette or collab every other week it seems and that’s not how it used to be. The novelty of ABH palettes was in the scarcity. They used to come out with new palettes only a few times a year and that made it SO exciting and there was hype and everyone had to get their hands on it. But now, it’s getting tired and we aren’t hyping it up because there as just a new palette last week. I know people (including myself) that used to collect Anastasia eyeshadow palettes because each one was so new and unique and exciting and WE COULD because there was only a few a year. But now, who can afford to drop almost $50 on a new palette every few weeks?? And who even wants to? Or needs to? The average makeup user certainly isn’t buying eyeshadow that often. It just feels rushed and kind of seems to lack the genuine character it once had. It’s a shame, really, because I miss the hype and the excitement. But as for now, this will be just one more ABH palette that I skip out on.



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