Woooooahhh, so many wonderful shades! Juvia’s Place is launching their NEW Foundation Sticks on Saturday, 10.05! It’s so exciting seeing Juvia’s expanding their product line! The formula of these foundation sticks is meant to be hydrating, creamy and totally blendable. They are versatile, too, and can be used to contour, conceal, highlight and perfect. There will be 30 shades in this initial launch and they will retail for $16 each.



We have been loooooong time lovers of Juvia’s Place (as in, I once had every.single.eyeshadow palette they had ever made and I still have a playlist on my YouTube channel where I do a tutorial with each one) so we are always so excited when we see them launch a brand new product! This company has come such a long way since we first fell in love with them like 4 years ago and we love seeing them grow! Foundation sticks and I kind of have a love-hate relationship, however. I love them because they are SO convenient in that they apply super quickly and they don’t leave or spill and are ideal for traveling. I also love that they are typically a very creamy formula and often have really great coverage. What I don’t love, though, is that on an ounce by ounce comparison, they are basically always WAY more expensive than a typical liquid foundation. WHY?! I literally need someone to tell me. But this is definitely the case with Juvia’s Place. As you can see from the photo above, the stick has .34 oz of product in it and retails for $16. Their liquid foundation has basically 3 times as much product in and is $20. So triple the amount of foundation for only $4 more. See what I mean? I get that typically you use less product when you use a stick and it’s a little easier to use up every last bit of a stick product, too, so I’m not saying it’s a total deal breaker. But I do wish it was a little bit more fairly priced. I can’t wait to see the reviews this gets to decide if it’s another JP item that needs to make its way into my collection!



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