Big collab alert! Kylie Cosmetics is doing a collab collection with Balmain launching on Friday, 9.27! The full collection includes The Model Behavior High Gloss ($16), Paris Matte Lip Kit ($29), a nine shade EyeshadowPalette ($42) & finally lip kit bundle ($38).



Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I have no idea who Balmain is? Am I just totally out of the loop?? I might be but regardless of who this collection is in partnership with, I’m really not too pumped about it. I’ve said it before but it’s just isn’t often that I’m super hyped on a release from Kylie. I don’t know what it is about her products or maybe that packaging that just doesn’t get me excited. Plus, I recently tried her eyeshadows for the first time and I REALLY did not like them. Like, I returned the palette… Yeah. So after that, I really don’t look forward to any palette launches. I have yet to try a lip kit so I’m actually interested in giving those a go one day but until then, I think I’ll be passing on this.


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