Just look at these heavenly shades! Hourglass Cosmetics is launching their new Ambient Lighting Edit Ghost on Tuesday 9.17! The details around this palette are a bit mysterious… The pricing hasn’t been released yet but it’s safe to say it’ll likely be quite pricey given that the previous Ambient Lighting three shade palette was $64. This one has six shades so it’s sure to be a doozy! And honestly, we won’t be able to vouch for how worth it it will be because we have never tried anything from Hourglass which is kind of crazy but these powders are (as I’m sure you know) highly raved about so I can only imagine how incredible they are. Plus, a palette of all 6 shades would be an ambient powder-lovers dream! I wouldn’t personally take something this expensive traveling but if you’re bold like that, this might be a great way to bring a bunch of powders with you conveniently! It may be a pretty penny but may honestly be worth it!



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