Love me some more Venus! Right? Isn’t that where they say women are from? Anyway, Lime Crime is launching their NEW Venus Immortalis Eyeshadow Palette on Monday, 9.09! This beautiful eight shade palette, which glows in the dark by the way, includes shimmers, mattes, and some sparkle for $38!



Okay sooooo we usually don’t really bat an eyelash at Lime Crime or give it a second look because there is rarely anything from them that truly catches my eye, but this palette is kind of changing all of that. This is freaking so beautiful! I mean, these are my tonesssss! I love mauves and blush tones and grayish purples and this palette has all of that and more! I mean, that blush pink is the perfect shade to complement the shimmers or to blend out either that gorgeous berry purple or periwinkle grayish blue. It’s obviously a small palette with limited shade selection and, therefore, limited possibilities when it comes to looks but I would love using this just for everyday simple looks! It’s so soft and delicate and girly that I could see myself getting tons of use out of this! I might need to check this out!



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