WOW, sooo many space themed palettes lately! Dominque Cosmetics is launching their Celestial Storm Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday, 9.04! This twelve shade palette has so many gorgeous bright shades with mattes, shimmers and glitter shades, too! Pricing has not yet been released though.



Okay I’m kind of torn on this one… On the one hand, I really love Dominique Cosmetics. The Latte palette is honestly one of my favorites ever. But ever since that one, there hasn’t truly been one that I’ve fallen in love with the color story, ya know? But here, I love LOVE the colors, but I’m really not sure if they are cohesive. Like, each shade is truly stunning. And the theme is spot on with the colors 100% but I feel like coming up with looks using a few colors would be tricky unless you’re doing something super colorful and bold and out there – which would be beautiful! But when I look at a palette, I try to think about how often I would get use out of it on a regular basis and that’s where I’m a little stuck. What I was thinking, though, is that if you treated this palette like a series of duos with each duo being the pair going up and down (the one on the top row and the one on the bottom row right below it) this palette starts to make sense. You could do a TON of two shade looks with this guy and really make the most of it. Ugh did I just talk myself into this??



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