Part two! Morphe is launching the second part of their collab with Jeffree Star on Tuesday, 9.03! This part of the collection includes: the Iconic Bolds 5-piece Mini Lip Collection ($25) which has two velour liquid lipsticks, two lip glosses, and a lip topper. Next is the Nudes 5-piece Mini Lip Collection ($25) and finally the Eye & Face Brushes and Bag ($49).



Mmkay I just low-key feel like we get it… it’s one thing to do continue to collab with the same influencers or celebrities time and time again but this just seems a little much. Now we are splitting the same collab into multiple parts?? I’m not sure if this is just a marketing thing or to create more hype or perhaps these products just weren’t ready in time for the rest of the “part one” products to launch, but either way, this is all beginning to feel very redundant to me. As I mentioned in the last article, it kind of already seems as though Morphe and Jeffree Star Cosmetics are kind of somehow affiliated anyway because Jeffree’s cosmetics are carried and sold in Morphe stores. So clearly, there’s some kind of connection there already. But now we have ANOTHER collab coming out so soon after the last one?? It’s just a lot. However, I won’t lie, the little mini lipsticks are soooooo cute and perfect for on-the-go to fit in your pocket or fanny pack and that pink setting spray bottle is just so adorable and would look perfect sitting out on your vanity! We aren’t mad at the products at all, we actually love Morphe and Jeffree, but I think there is such thing as too much of a good thing and this might just be that.



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