Nude lipstick collections are all the rage right now! Well, and like always because when are they not?? Natasha Denona is launching their I Need A Nude Lipstick Collection on Monday, 8.26! The collection will include a whopping 18 shades ($25 each) in four different undertones including Beige, Neutral Beige, Neutral Pink & Pink.



I’m just wondering how many plays on the word “nude” or “naked” or “nude photos” we’re going to see in the makeup world. I always feel like we’ve seen and heard it all and then someone (in this case, Natasha Denona) thinks of another way to name a product or collection after it. But we are here for the creativity and most of all, we are here for nude lips! It may be basic and kind of old-school YouTube of me but I still live for a nude lip and it’s pretty much always my preference all the time. This, believe it or not, and I never thought I would say this about a nude collection of anything because it really all has been done before, but this is kind of a game changer. We see tons of undertone denotations when it comes to completion products, but we don’t usually see a whole collection of lipsticks be categorized into undertones. But it’s brilliant! Like, why haven’t we done this before y’all?? This is so perfect to help steer us toward the types of shades in a nude lipstick that we know and love! And also allows for a ton of options for nude lippies for ladies and gents of all skin tones and colors. The unfortunate part is that they’re kinda pricey and I’m not sure I would drop nearly $30 on a lipstick, personally, especially considering my nude lipstick collection is already hefty but I still am totally behind the whole idea of this collection!



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