Oh my gosh, get in here! Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching their new Norvina Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette on Monday, 8.26! The palette is launching as part of their Norvina Collection with a bunch of other sets as well. This beautiful eyeshadow palette features 25 matte and shimmery shades and will retail for $60. Yikes!



SO this is like some NEW NEW for ABH right?! Like, wow. I literally just stared at this for a while before beginning to write this post because I didn’t know where to begin. I mean, my first thought was probably the same as yours: there’s already a Norvina palette. And it looks nothing like this. Y’all know it (and probably love it) – it’s in the same old layout, design and packaging that ABH is known for and has always done. So when I saw this was also named Norvina but Vol. 1 I was confused because a to me it kind of seems like a first one already came out… ya know? I suppose they started over with the Volume titles and all of that due to the huge HUGE change in packaging and layout. And that totally makes sense! But then I kind of feel like they either shouldn’t have named it Norvina or maybe should have called it Vol. 2 or something because this all just seems kind of repetitive and also confusing. I would love to start talking about the shadows now but in talking about names, I really just need to ask – what happened to shade names?? Did they just run out of ideas? Was the concept of naming this many shadows (and knowing they would need to name this many shadows in Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 etc.) become a little overwhelming so they were like EF THIS and decided to go with the most boring, thoughtless concept they could conceive? It sure made it easier to create the palette, no doubt, and perhaps it will make referencing shades a bit easier, too? But, to me, it’s just kind of boring and lame TBH. But with all that said, the palette, I must admit, is pretty dope. Like, so pretty. It’s kind of a trippy combination of shades and finishes but you can totally do some cool stuff with this color story. The one thing I will say, though, is that it seems like it’ll be tricky to use this as an every day palette only because there are very very few natural, simple shades. In other words, it’s pretty much all bright pops of color with only like one or two more neutral shades. But this is definitely the palette to have fun with and create some intense looks, for sure! And even though $60 is steep for an eyeshadow palette, it’s probably a really good deal considering how great ABH shadows are and how many you’re getting! Also shoutout to the outside packaging design because it’s absolutely beautiful and super eye-catching.



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