Today we have a celebration for the new season! TV series season, that is! Coloured Raine is launching a collab with the TV show Power featured on Starz! The collection will launch on Tuesday, 8.20!  The whole collection includes 96 Pan Magnetic Palette ($45), Power Palette ($29), Highlighter/Blush Duo ($25), Liquid Glitter Topper ($20), Matte Liquid Lipstick ($17), Matte Bullet Lipstick ($17) & a Lip Gloss ($15).



This has totally got to be a first, right?? I mean, we’ve definitely seen collabs that go along with shows like My Little Pony and of course a ton that go along with movies but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collab with a random TV show in honor of a new season. It just seems so totally random to me, though. Like, what is Power? And what is Starz? I don’t watch TV much at all but I feel like I at least am plugged in enough to know what the hot, popular shows are and I’ve never heard of this. Maybe someone on the show knows someone important at Coloured Raine and they just linked up that way? But considering I know nothing about this show or network, I really know nothing about how this collab ties into the theme of the show. I just see a ton of purple between the shadow shades and the lipsticks… Maybe one of the actors or actresses wears makeup along these lines and that was the inspiration? Can anyone please shed some light on this for me because I’m clearly lost. But nonetheless, we do love these shades! I mean, those swatches right above here are actually ridiculous, do you see how intensely vibrant and pigmented they are?! If you’re into Power, you are going to be all over this! But seeing as we aren’t and we also have no experience with Coloured Raine products, this is probably one that we are going to pass on, even though it really is quite beautiful.



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