Y’all know we are all about that summer glow! OFRA is launching new additions to their Rodeo Drive Glow on Thursday, 8.15! The new additions are the Rodeo Drive Face and Body Mist ($25), the Rodeo Drive Primer ($20) & the Rodeo Drive Lip Gloss ($15).  If this isn’t one of the most radiant collections we’ve seen all summer, I’m not sure what is! LOVE!



We are all about the glow! This collection is SO up my alley! Well, mostly. I mentioned before in a recent post that I just can’t get behind the whole body oil or body shimmer situation. For me, it just doesn’t make sense and I really don’t see much of a reason for it. I mean, it just isn’t natural for my legs or arms or chest to be shimmery, ya know? And I would be constantly worrying if the product was transferring onto my clothes or the people around me and that’s just too stressful. But this primer looks stunning! However, the swatches sure make it look intense – I’m assuming blended out all over the face it would look less like a melted cheek highlight and more like a subtle shimmer that would still peek through foundation. But the pink tone is 100% my favorite shade of highlight so I’m sure I’d just love this!  The lipgloss seems fairly standard but is beautiful nonetheless and so simple that it would work with any skin tone and any lipstick shade underneath.



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