Fall is around that corner and you know what that means – we are all about the mattes! KKW Beauty is launching their NEW The Mattes Collection on Friday, 8.16! This mattelicious collection includes the Matte Smoke Eyeshadow Palette ($45), Matte Cocoa Eyeshadow Palette ($45), Matte Cocoa Eyeliners ($10 each), three Matte Smoke Eyeliners ($10 each), six Matte Lip Liners ($12 each), six Matte Lipsticks ($18 each) and a whoooole bunch of bundles if you are looking to score a discount.



Y’all know matte is the name of the game in fall, right?? Matte lips with matte eyes and porcelain matte skin – it’s the trend! KKW is here for it with an entire collection to help us get there! And this collection isn’t only matte; it’s also nude.  Nude lipsticks. Neutral eyeshadow shades. Nude lip pencils.  We are matte and naked for this launch! And the best part – there’s something here for everyone! One palette is very heavily warm-toned while the other is smokey and cool-toned. We’ll admit, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Honestly, the all matte palette thing has been done a million times over in every tone and shade in the rainbow but if you’re a big fan of the KKW formula, this may be a welcome addition to your collection! And while we’ve never tried KKW lipsticks before, we’ve got to admit the component is so sick looking that it makes us want one just for that reason.  We’ll always admit we’re a sucker for some nice packaging.



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