I decided 2019 was going to be the year! The year I stick to my new year’s resolutions, that is. And so far, believe it or not, I’ve been actually done it. For like, the first time, ever! I’m rather proud of myself. But it’s probably been easier this year than other years because 1. I made the goals slightly more concrete and tangible and, therefore, much easier to stick to and 2. I set goals that were, in my opinion, attainable but also things I truly wanted to do, not things I felt I “should” do. So what were these resolutions, you’re probably wondering. I made three. The first was to cook from cookbooks more; I just LOVE the feeling of a book in my hands and I am obsessed with cooking and trying new recipes (I literally make a new recipe like, 3 times a week at least). But for years, I’ve just been googling recipes on my phone or making something spontaneous from things we had one hand but I have found so much joy in acquiring new cookbooks (I have a nice collection going now) and bookmarking pages of things that I can’t wait to make in the future or looking back on recipes I’ve made in the past and can’t wait to make again. So this resolution has stuck with me since January and, I’m sure, will continue to stick with me through like. My second resolution was to lose weight – and I KNOW! So cliche. So basic.  So BORING. Yes, but guess what?! This year, I did it. I’ve lost 20 pounds already! I’m shooting for 10 more by the end of the year, but I’m still so thrilled with my progress so far. I’ve even been working out 5 days a week! I went YEARS (I mean it, literally years) without exercising. So, needless to say, this was a much needed self-care kind of goal.

And my third resolution was more for others than I was for me (I thought that would kind of balance things, ya know) and it was to send out birthday cards every year to my loved ones. As many of y’all know, we moved to North Carolina about a year ago and no longer live as close as we once did to family and friends. This means, sadly, we don’t get to see everyone on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and other significant days in their lives. But sending cards in the mail, as antiquated as that might be, has been a perfect way to bridge that distance by sending some love in a postmarked envelope. I love sending them but, even more fulfilling is the joy felt by friends and family when they realize someone was thinking of them on their special day, even hundreds of miles away. But as much as I love the gesture, mailing cards is, as I mentioned, fairly old school. And I’ve recently discovered a way faster, easier and WAY more up-to-date way to send birthday cards anywhere in the world – and it can all be done online in just a few short minutes.       

PaperlessPost.com is the most convenient way to send not only birthday cards but invitations to parties or get togethers, greetings for holidays like Christmas or Halloween and even congratulatory cards for graduations, weddings or the birth of a new baby! And the best part – it can all be done online! It’s quick. It’s simple. And it’s so dang CUTE! Y’all can already tell by the photos included in this post that these cards are, by far, the most gorgeous, trendy and eye-catching designs like, ever. Plus, it’s all totally customizable! You can personalize everything from the photos to the digital backdrop to the color scheme to the font. Even the digital envelope, liner and “stamp” can be customized to whatever you think will fit the recipient best. But honestly, I’m not sure you’ll need to change much – the designs are truly to die for and the messages range from heartfelt to hilarious and everything in between. There’s something for everyone, too. Some cards are perfect for that trendy young woman in your life, full of color and charisma while others are more masculine and dad-appropriate while others are simple and sentimental, just like grandma. They even make the cutest cards for kids, full of cartoon graphics and sweet sayings. The options are literally limitless. You even have the choice to make it interactive; you can opt to include a reply card that can be (and probably should be) sent with invitations for parties or weddings but can also be included with birthday and graduation cards, giving the recipient the chance to send a message or a thank you back your way.

Most cards start at just 2 coins (coins are used in place of cents or dollars) and depending on how many coins you purchase at once, a single coin can cost as little as ten cents! YES you read that right. Not only are these the CUTEST cards ever but they’re also crazy affordable. I know, you thought it couldn’t get better, right? You can even watch an animation of what the recipients card experience will be before you spend any time working on it (it’s seriously so much fun). Y’all, I had so much fun designing a birthday card I recently sent to my best friend. There were sooo many cute fonts to choose from and a TON of different graphics and motifs you can drag and drop to truly make the card your own. I made the cutest envelope/liner combo ever,  too. The aesthetic was just so me! It was just plain fun designing this card. None of the other cards I’ve sent before I knew about Paperless Post were ever this fun to make OR anywhere near as personal. I literally just bought them on Amazon. Like, generic and boring AF. And the only personal touch was the message itself. Now, the ENTIRE experience is made with love and truly personalized for each of my loved ones. And while you may not be able to touch them or rip open an envelope, the thought truly is what counts and with these paperless cards, you’re not only saving trees, stamps and trip to the mailbox, you’re sending all of your love in the most personalized, convenient and modern way. Happy sending!

Check out PaperlessPost.com now!

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