Every brand must have a Rainbow collection by now… including Colourpop! CP is launching their Rainbow Collection on Wednesday, 8.14! The collection includes She’s A Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette ($40), Rainbow Road Foursome Super Shock & Jelly Much shadows ($20), Head in the Clouds Rainbow Milk Set ($35), Colour Me Happy BFF Volumizing Mascara ($40), Over-Chromatic BFF Crème Gel Liner Bundle ($20), and finally the Mad About Hue Brush Bundle ($20) with 5 brushes.



I feel like the rainbow trend is literally everywhere right now! I mean, it’s been going on for like months (years?) at this point, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Colourpop is rolling out an entire collection now! It’s funny for me because CHARLOTTE N.C. PRIDE is this weekend which is a super exciting and fun time in town and this palette is launching right in time! It’s like they knew… Not that this is specifically pride-related or anything but fitting nonetheless. And we love it! I especially love that the single shadows come in a magnetic palette rather than sunken into a traditional palette. This allows for tons of versatility! You could totally switch some shades out if you have smoother single shadows that you might use more often than certain ones included in here! It’s like getting a big single shadow bundle PLUS a free magnetic palette! We love that. And of course, as it should be, the shadows are. laid out in that standard ROY G BIV arrangement. It does seem to be more heavily matte than shimmer but the balance isn’t too off. The unicarton packaging for the entire line is also so cute! We expect nothing less from Colourpop, of course. The only other items in the collection that are potentially interesting to me are the colored eyeliners! A pop of color on the lower lash line is one of my favorite makeup looks and these are just perfect for that! You could even use them all over the lid as a creamy, sticky base for the powder shadows to enhance them, too! How perfect!



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