Body hair is a subject few people like to talk about, but everyone struggles with it. It often grows in undesirable areas. That is why looking for the best possible hair removal option may be a top priority for you. The question is what is that option? One thought you may have is to try laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is certainly popular, but you need to understand more about it before scheduling your first treatment.

Why Lasers Can Remove Hair for Long Periods

Certain hair removal treatments are naturally short-term. Shaving is one of the most convenient options, but it is also one of the most inefficient. That is because shaving razors cut hairs shorter, but they are not actually removed. Therefore, they can poke back up quickly. Often, that occurs in as little as a couple days.

Shaving is convenient because you can do it relatively quickly at home, and it is also generally painless. However, leaving a large portion of each hair behind is not ideal when you want long-term results. To get better results, you need a long-term solution like laser hair loss devices. A laser device is capable of weakening every hair targeted in its entirety. That includes the root and the portion of the shaft below your skin’s surface. The hair root, called the follicle, takes longer to allow hair to regrow when it is damaged. The hair must also spend more time growing through all of your skin layers, rather than just the outer layer.

Why Hair Removal Lasers Provide Better Accuracy

Hair removal lasers also provide better accuracy in terms of treating each hair in a given area. When you use methods like shaving, it is easy to miss some hairs. That can lead to embarrassment and wasted time when you have to remove the remaining stray hairs at a later time. Lasers provide equal treatment to all hairs, giving you better long-term results. That is because lasers are precisely calibrated tools capable of honing in on every hair without missing any.

How Pain is Managed During Laser Hair Removal

If you are reluctant to schedule laser hair removal, it may be because you are afraid of pain. It is true that lasers produce heat, as well as light. That heat can be uncomfortable on its own. However, a well-trained, fully-certified clinician can control that discomfort for you. He or she does that with cool air bursts or by applying a numbing agent during your laser hair removal appointment. In some cases, both techniques are used.

Laser Hair Removal Results and Immediate After Effects

If you are considering having a laser hair removal, do not expect immediate hair loss. The purpose of the treatments is to make each hair weaker over time. The hairs will not fall out or magically vaporize during your appointment. Instead, expect them to fall out after several treatments and take much longer to regrow once they are gone.

You must also understand laser treatment alters your skin health temporarily. For example, it may be red immediately after your appointment. You may also have sun sensitivity for a period that can last for several weeks after each appointment. Your clinician can tell you how best to deal with those short-term after effects.

Determining if You Actually Can Have Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not the perfect treatment for anyone with unwanted body hair. It may not be right for you, especially if you suffer from certain skin conditions or have extra oily skin. The best way to determine if the treatment is right for your skin type is to have a clinician assess your skin. During that assessment, he or she can suggest alternative treatments, if you are deemed unable to safely have laser treatment.