Get your glow on! Solbody is launching new Glow Oils on Friday, 8.09! This round they are releasing four new shades: Champagne, Rosé, Golden & Caramel for $15 each. Don’t forget, that this is Colourpop’s sister brand so it’ll be on their website, too!



Is it just me or does it seem like Colourpop has quite a few sister brands?? As if Colourpop wasn’t enough of a beast, am I right?? Firstly, this packaging is just to die for! It’s so simple, but I love that about it. Simplicity, if done just right, is so eye-catching. And these shades are just stunning! But here’s my thing: who is really wearing body oils?? Like, shimmering glowy oils? I need to know. The only reason I could really think that one would need something like this is either for Instagram pictures, to look just super sun kissed and glowy OR for a night out on the town to add some sparkle to your legs and chest so that they catch just right in the light. I’m not sure about y’all but I’m really not doing either of those to that extend very often and even if I were, I feel like the last thing I would be thinking about is adding a shimmery glow to my core and extremities, ya know? But to be totally honest, my main concern would be that it would feel all oily and slimy and would likely transfer onto my car seat or my clothes or other people… I just don’t think I get these products and they’re just not really for me. However, if these were liquid highlights for the face, these are definitely the shades I would be into!



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