Happy Birthday Kylie! Kylie Cosmetics is launching their Birthday Collection on Saturday, 8.10! This is a massive collection, so hold on tight as we go through everything included. We have the You’re $o Money Baby Eyeshadow Palette ($48), three Jelly Kylighters ($22 each), a Kylie Velvet Lip Kit ($27), a High Gloss ($16), two Shimmer Eye Glazes ($20 each), Loose Illuminating Powder ($26), Kyliner Liquid Liner Pen ($18), Face Primer ($28), Pressed Body Glow ($28), Matte Lipstick ($17) and a Money Roll Lip Kit ($45).



Ugh, I feel like we kind of get down on Kylie products a lot but we have to say, we aren’t really into this at all… There’s something about the aesthetic and the theme that honestly just comes off kind of cheap and like kid makeup. Do you see what I see?? And we haven’t mentioned this on makeupfomo.com yet, but we recently tried a Kylie eyeshadow palette for the very first time and let me just say I was NOT impressed at all. It was the Purple Palette, if you’re curious. I mean, I love purple shadows so I thought I had made a great choice. But, believe it or not, I really tried to like it but I just couldn’t. The formula is, in my opinion, just not very good. It’s fairly dry and not very pigmented and didn’t blend particularly well and overall left a lot to be desired. I disliked it so much that I returned it. Yeah. That’s how I feel. So basically, I may find it even harder than I have in the past to get excited about new launches from Kylie Cosmetics just because I know I wouldn’t recommend her shadows based on what I’ve experienced so far. As for her other products, I can’t be sure. But if you can impress me with your shadows, the it may just be a lost cause. Sorry Kylie, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY nonetheless! 🙂



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