Juvia's Place X Fumi: Queen Collection


OMG! A Juvia’s Place collab! What?! They are launching their Queen Collection collab with Fumi on Wednesday, 7.31! The collection is fairly simple but gorgeous! It includes the Queen Palette ($15), The Queen Gloss & The Royalty Gloss. And if this packaging isn’t to die for, I don’t know what is!



We are ALWAYS down for a good YouTuber collab product (that is one of our favorite makeup items to collect) and y’all also know we collect Juvia’s Place palettes so this could not be a more exciting launch! Can we talk about the fact that everything about this palette is so different from what we’ve seen recently from JP?! Firstly, the interior packaging design is quite different with the Queen card design and simple, white backdrop for the shadow pans. And this is just a baby six pan palette! We’ve never seen that before! But they kept the one thing consistent that we love the most; the oversized pans! We are obsessed with that and I cannot explain why. As for the shades, they’re definitely not the most complimentary but that’s hard to do with only 6 shades. I like how they added a few pops of color that still can work together in a limited way but also included a nice simple transition shade and a universal highlight shade. Those are SO important! I definitely think I would need to use this palette in conjunction with my other JP palettes but I have them all so that is no problem for me! CONGRATS FUMI!




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