NEW BRAND LAUNCH! Haus Laboratories is launching their products for pre-order on Monday, 7.15! If you haven’t heard already, this is Lady Gaga’s beauty brand! The second exciting thing is that they are launching exclusively on Amazon (and their own website of course). The brand launch includes the following items: two Lip Liners ($26), two Lip Glosses ($32), two Glam Attacks ($36) and various three piece sets for $49 each.



Okay tell me this doesn’t just SCREAM Lady Gaga?! Everything from the packaging to the font to the products themselves is just so her! I guess I can’t say I’m surprised she came out with a cosmetics line – Lady G is known for having some pretty intense, bold and beautiful makeup looks (or no makeup at all, which is just as good!) so, naturally, she seems the perfect fit for the next celebrity beauty brand owner! How unique that she is only going to be selling her products (at least for now) on Amazon and on her own site. That’s something I don’t think we’ve ever seen before but hell yeah for that because Amazon is our iiiiishhh and plus PRIME SHIPPING is our motto for everything. However, that also means that since these items won’t be sold in any store, you won’t have option to check them out in person before making the splurge and purchasing. And since these are certainly not cheap products, that can be a little intimidating and even a dealbreaker for some. But I think we all have come to know and love the reviews section of Amazon so if you wait a bit,  I’m sure you can find out everything you need to know about each item before purchasing! Returns can also sometimes get tricky with Amazon but hopefully these are some BOMB products and there will be no need for that, anyway!



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