Time to bring the summer heat! Kylie Cosmetics is launching their NEW Summer 2019 Collection on Wednesday, 7.10! The full collection includes an Eyeshadow Palette ($42), three new Lipsticks ($17 each), two Lip Blushes ($16), four Shimmer Eye Glazes ($20 each) and a High Lip Gloss ($16).


Is it just me or does it kind of seem like a “Summer 2019” collection would have launched like, in the beginning of summer?? It just seem as though this is coming out rather late in the season. But hey, better late than never, right?? And we are totally here for it! Coral is one of my favorite makeup shades (if that makes sense?) – I just love orangey pinky coral blushes and lipsticks and eyeshadows! Plus, the packaging is absolutely the cutest thing ever. The palette is kind of what we’ve been seeing a lot lately: rainbow shades with lots of pops of color and some more everyday shades thrown in, as well. It seems as though most of Kylie’s most recent palettes have all been that same smaller square shape with nine circular pans each, so I love seeing a slightly different layout in this newest palette! It’s honestly giving me all the Ariel vibes right now (not sure if that’s a coincidence since the movie is like, all the talk right now) but either way, we are totally here for all of this right now!



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