Okay y’all, today we are talking bags… and no, not under-eye bags this time. I mean this cute, Rattan style bag from Amerri! How perfectly summer is this bag?! And how on trend, right?? I’ve been LITERALLY obsessed with this and couldn’t wait to share it with y’all because I know it’s something you’ll die for. All my thought are coming below but check out my latest YouTube video to see it in detail and watch me freak out over it:



I don’t think I even need to say much about how adorable it is… but I will anyway. Is this not the most boho, trendy yet simple bag you’ve ever seen?? I mean, even the inside of the bag (from the material of the lining to the design) is stunning. The one I have here is the Penida style Ata bag which is the large size. As you can see, it’s basically the size of my head which is, for me, the perfect size! Amerri does feature this same bag in a medium size, as well, but for me, bigger is better when it comes to bags. I have one of those huge, rectangular shaped wallets that holds a ton of cards and coins so I needed something that would fit my giant wallet – I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t fit but it totally does! I also have one of those huge key rings with a ton of keys on them plus an iPhone XS Max which, again, huge. EVERYTHING FITS! I feel like often times with these accessory bags, sometimes style trumps utility. But not this one – this one can literally make your entire outfit while also fitting all of your things: phone, wallet, keys, camera, lipgloss, etc. But it’s still small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm an outfit and would still look perfect on a smaller framed girl or guy.



These bags are all HANDMADE in Bali – what?! YES! So they’re, by nature, exotic and also super unique. No two are exactly the same! So you know when you get your bag that you have a one of a kind item! Not only that, but you also have something of INCREDIBLE quality. You need to get your hands on one (or two or three…) of these to truly understand how fabulous the materials used to create this piece of art really are. This is something that is going to last you for YEARS to come. And you’ll have it for that long because this is a timeless, versatile piece. As you can see in the YouTube thumbnail, I styled this with a more casual outfit (sneakers, denim skirt – very summer Sunday vibes) but this could also easily be paired with a sundress and heals for a summer date night or even a dressier gown for a night out or formal event. How many bags are truly that versatile?? And if brown isn’t your jam or you’re into something more intricate, never fear: Amerri has Rattan bags in SO MANY styles, colors, shapes and sizes. Like, so many. They also offer more classic style purses and bags in all other styles and materials if the boho look isn’t your vibe. The options are basically endless. They’re even running a SUMMER SALE right now – you can get 30% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING (who doesn’t love free shipping?!) with the code SUNSHINE30. Run, don’t walk. You need one of these in your summer wardrobe.