You know we’re all about that wing! Milani Cosmetics is launching their NEW Stay Put Eyeliners on Tuesday, 6.18! They’re said to betransfer resistant, sweat resistant, waterproof and they come in tons of different finishes! Eight new shades will be available for $8.99 each at Milani and you can get 15% off and support Trendmood if you use her code TRENDMOOD at checkout. We love her photos and the info she provides so we love supporting her whenever we can!



I am not even trying to throw shade right now but is it just me or do these girls eyebrows like, seriously need to be done?! I would be stressed out if that was my current stray brow hair situation… But to each their own! This is about the liner! And we love it! If only we could master wings like that… ugh. We don’t often get to cover drugstore or more affordable brands but when we do, we LOVE talking about products that won’t break the bank. Less than $10 for a (we assume and hope) bomb eyeliner?! And a colored one at that?! We are HERE for it! We also love the we have the options of matte liners as well as metallic ones, too! There’s a shade and a finish here for everyone! And it’s something we can all afford!



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