NEW FOMO BRAND! Wow, we’ve been on a roll lately! Luminess Cosmetics is launching a double collab with Sir John & Disney for The Lion King Collection on Saturday, 6.15! This incredibly artfully designed collection includes: The Kingdom Sculpting Palette ($42 ), Can’t Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette ($42), Be Brave Matte Lipsticks ($24 each), Be Prepared Liquid Lipsticks ($24 each), Legacy Tinted Lip Balm ($24) & Circle of Life Highlighter ($40).



I have to admit: not only have we never covered this brand before… I’ve literally never heard of them before. Oops. But I’m pleasantly surprised by this collaboration! I mean, this seems to be a fairly small, indie brand yet here they are coming out of the woodwork with a pretty big name Disney collab and some INSANE palette artwork and packaging design. I mean, most brands son’t go this hard in the paint but Luminess is NOT messing around. And these palettes are truly stunning – honestly, I would consider buying them just for the exterior packaging without even seeing the inside! But the eyeshadow palettes look so pretty! I mean, nothing ground breaking but stunning nonetheless. However, do you not get Dose of Colors vibes from that first photo?! Hmm…. that imprinting on the pressed powders look awfully familiar. Of course, we can’t vouch for the quality but we will definitely need to stay on the lookout for video reviews of these beauties so that we can see them in action! And can we talk about the names of the products for a second?! I mean, they’re kind of obvious I suppose but still perfect nonetheless! We just love everything about this! All of it seems luxury and high end AF.



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