WOO a new FOMO brand! We always love that! Stilazzi is launching a collab with Jordan Liberty called the Darkroom Eyeshadow Palette on Tuesday, 6.11! This palette is not only gorgeous but has a ton of meaning behind it for Jordan. From what we can tell, he overcame a ton of adversity including a battle with cancer and wanted to express his journey and struggle through this palette. We definitely recommend checking out his instagram for more. The palette features 18 shades for $39 and will ship out on June 25th.



Don’t y’all just love when something is not only beautiful but also meaningful, too? That is this palette in a nutshell. We love when influencers get the opportunity to work with brands (especially smaller, indie brands) to create something incredible while also expressing their creativity and individuality! And this palette really does that – it has a stunning mix of warm tones and cooler tones (which I freaking love, mixing tones has led to some of my most absolute favorite looks) as well as a cool combo of mattes and super metallic shimmers! The palette almost seems a little confusing and appears to lack cohesion at first (at least to me) but once I looked at the shades in trios (from top to bottom so, for example, all the way to the left, the teal blue, the purpleish blue with teal glitter shift and the deeper, darker teal blueish green shades) it made perfect sense! That’s one way to use this palette, of course, but there are tons of other bold and sassy looks you could create, too! Plus, one of my favorite YouTubes (NicoleCutler) uses Stilazzi on the regular and has nothing but good things to say about them and I totally trust her opinion sooooo I would say we are sure to be in for a treat with this gem!



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