Check out this beautiful blue! Dominique Cosmetics is launching their NEW Rustic Glam Collection on Thursday, 6.06! This gorgeous blue collection consists of the Rustic Glam Eyeshadow Palette ($44), a 5 piece brush set and a cute makeup clutch. You can get the whole bundle for $89 and it’ll be available on Sephora as well.



This blue is one of my most favorite colors like, ever. It is just so vibrant and eye catching – I love that it was chosen for this palette! I have only ever purchased one palette from Dominique Cosmetics but I fell IN LOVE with it! It’s the Latte palette and the colors are stunning and the formula is flawless. But I have never purchased another palette since mostly because Ulta stopped carrying this brand (does anyone know why??) but also because the others didn’t really wow me and appeared to have quite a few repeat shades. I’m sorry to say that it appears as though this might be the same story – more repeats! Her other palettes have lots of pinks, berry shades and blues along with warm browns. What are the primary colors here? Pinks, berry shades, blues and warm browns. Yes, they are slightly different actual shades it seems, but the vibe is very much the same as her previous palettes. I also feel like the pan sizes in her other palettes were really big and oversized which I LOVE and these here seem much smaller and more spread out but maybe that’s just me? For those reasons, as pretty as this palette is and I do really love that green shades, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to pick this up anytime soon.



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