WE ARE ALL ABOUT ALL THE GLOSS! Jeffree Star Cosmetics is launching the huge The Gloss Lip Gloss Collection TODAY, Friday, 5.31! This is super exciting because it’s Jeffree Star’s first gloss ever! The full collection includes a total of 18 different glosses with two different finishes. They will be $18 each and have such classic names like Spank Me, Candy Drip and Safe Word.




So YES, we are here for the gloss, but let’s be honest… we are also here for the packaging!! Like, dang Jeffree. Can he ever not be extra?? NOPE. And that’s what we love about him! And these glosses! How JS are these? And how darn pretty! I mean, we will admit, they are NOT for everyone… I’m not sure I can remember the last time I rocked a sky blue or black or hot fuchsia pink glittery gloss. But there are some more simple nude and pink shades included that we can definitely get behind! It appears that some shades are suuuuper glittery while others are more creamy and shiny. We can’t wait to get our hands on these to test out the formula!



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