I feel like this is kind of a new thing but it seems that skincare collabs are just so popular right now! OFRA launched a collab with Talia Mar, the London Skincare Collection, on Tuesday, 5.28! The collection includes three London themed skin care items: Tea & Biscuits Vitamin C Scrub ($29), West End Vitamin C Micellar Water ($22) & Royalty Vitamin C Moisturizer ($29).



First of all, these names are SO freaking adorable and so on theme. They are cute enough to make us tempted just by name alone but the packaging is just another added cuteness factor that we nearly can’t resist! Y’all probably know we are not skincare junkies here at MakeupFOMO (we wish we were, kind of, because it seems like such a fun world to dive into but also at the same time I’m low-key glad we’re not because this ish is NOT cheap!) But if we were to be obsessed with skincare, I feel like this is something we would NEED! However, I just don’t feel as though Ofra is a name you think of when it comes to skincare brands, am I right? I think highlighters and liquid lipsticks, not facial scrubs and micellar water. But perhaps that’s exactly what they’re trying to change! Plus, partnering up in a collab seems to be a smart marketing move in order to get their new products a little more hype and recognition than maybe that normally would have? We say it looks like it’s worth a shot!



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