Are we all ready for travel season?! Natasha Denona is launching their NEW Bloom & Blush Highlighting Palette on Friday, 5.17! This cute little compact palette ($55) features 3 powder shades and a cream shade: Blush & Bronze Powder, Glow Cream Base, Glow Impact Powder & Super Glow.



We are just in LOVE with cute little mini versions of things, especially when it comes to traveling! The less is more thing is just SO true (we just got back from Barcelona, Spain and I was thanking myself everyday for taking my travel size versions of everything!) ND‘s larger contour palette is very similar to this one – it features cream and powder shades but has 6 total pans instead of 4 and, of course, the pans are much larger. This one, just like the full size, has a super handy plastic flap that sits over top the cream products to protect them for powder floating in and disturbing the formula – I think that is just brilliant (but also, for the price, it better include that ya know what I’m sayinnnn) I have heard nothing but absolute rave reviews about the full size version of this baby so I imagine this one will be just as lovely! Just based on the swatches alone, this looks SO up my ally! What isn’t, though, is the price tag… Over $50 for something the size of the palm of my hand is a little much for my taste. I’m not sure I would even feel comfortable bring this anywhere with me for fear of it breaking during travel! But if you aren’t ready to splurge and commit to her full size contour and highlight palette, this is definitely a perfect way to get your feet wet!



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