Awe! Such cute little eyeshadow palettes! Viseart is launching their NEW Warm Edit & Rose Edit Eyeshadow Palettes on Sunday, 5.12! These little eyeshadow palettes were designed to be the perfect travel-friendly 12 pan palettes. They will feature mostly new shades and some previous favorites at $39 each!



Ugh. I feel bad. I mostly always don’t have much to say either positively or negatively about Viseart palettes – if anything, I’m just usually not into them at all. There’s just something about the products that doesn’t catch my eye. Honestly, it’s probably just the packaging – its SO PLAIN. And yes, I’m a consumer and I need to fall in love with the cover before I’ll read the book, okay? I’m bored. And these palettes are no exception. I mean the Warm Edit? We have literally seen basically this exact same palette like 4,000 times by now. And we already have these shades and we don’t need anymore and especially not for $40 for a baby palette. I mean, the cost breakdown isn’t awful (each shade comes out to about $3.25 each) but the pans are super small so the amount of actual product is minimal. The Rose palette isn’t much more exciting either, in my opinion. It actually reminds me a lot of the new Morphe palette that was just announced today, the 39S Such a Gem palette. Perhaps this is a new trend we will see more of for the spring and summer? I’m here for it! As for the palettes themselves, I can definitely do without.



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