Y’all it’s ime to give Give Me Glow some love! They are launching a bunch of new Glitter/Foil Shadows & Primers on Friday, 4.26! We aren’t entirely sure just how many shades are being launched but it looks like each one will be $7 for the standard 37mm pans. You can see all the swatches on their Instagram! But as you can see just from the few swatches we’ve included here, they’re pretty intense!



Like we said, we don’t have all the info, but from the swatches we’ve seen so far, it seems like this collection is going to include some crazy colors in a huge variety of tones and finishes! Some are clearly on the super shimmery side while others are HELLA glittery and poppin! The selection ranges from pinks to greens to purples, allowing for so many color choices and combinations! One thing we will say, though, is that we are just personally not the biggest fan of single shadows. Do y’all still purchase single shadows?? Do you use the ones that you have? I am just such a palette girl that if they’re not all contained in one place and one palette, I just will not reach for them. So for me personally, these are a pass. But if you’re a single shadow lady, these look sure to please!



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